Toy Fair 2010 – Hasbro Iron Man 2 Update

Hasbro’s Collector Briefing was earlier today, and there’s a lot of ground to cover.  I will hope to get through the Marvel properties tonight and take stock of how much is left to go.  Then I’ll see where I can fit in GI Joes, Star Wars, and Transformers.

Iron Man Movie Concept  Comic 25 (1024x768).jpg

For the Marvel properties, I’ll start with Iron Man 2.  As I’ve commented in past Marvel reviews, the Hasbro / Marvel licensing agreement was driven heavily by Hasbro’s interest in the Marvel movie properties.  And as you’ll see here, there’s plenty of product to leverage the sure-to-be-a-blockbuster-or-Jon-Favreau-is-done-in-Hollywood Iron Man sequel.

Action Figures

To start, there will be lots and lots of action figures.  Hasbro has some new expressions intended for the emerging markets outside the United States.  For these markets, they’ll be producing 3-inch figures with limited articulation, including Mark III, Mark VI, and War machine armors.  There will also be some 8-inch Iron Man and War Machine figures for the international market, and some of these 8-inchers will make their way into discount stores here in the US.  These weren’t on display in the Hasbro showroom.

Iron Man Movie Concept Comic 01 (768x1024).jpgIron Man Movie Concept Comic 02 (768x1024).jpgIron Man Movie Concept Comic 03 (768x1024).jpgIron Man Movie Concept Comic 05 (768x1024).jpgIron Man Movie Concept Comic 06 (768x1024).jpgIron Man Movie Concept Comic 07 (1024x1024).jpgIron Man Movie Concept Comic 08 (768x1024).jpgIron Man Movie Concept Comic 09 (768x1024).jpgIron Man Movie Concept Comic 11 (768x1024).jpgIron Man Movie Concept Comic 12 (768x1024).jpgIron Man Movie Concept Comic 13 (767x1024).jpgIron Man Movie Concept Comic 15 (767x1024).jpgIron Man Movie Concept Comic 16 (768x1024).jpgIron Man Movie Concept Comic 17 (1021x1024).jpgIron Man Movie Concept Comic 19 (1024x768).jpgIron Man Movie Concept Comic 20 (1024x768).jpgIron Man Movie Concept Comic 21 (1024x768).jpgIron Man Movie Concept Comic 22 (1024x768).jpgIron Man Movie Concept Comic 23 (1024x769).jpgIron Man Movie Concept Comic 24 (1024x768).jpgIron Man Movie Concept Comic 25 (1024x768).jpgIron Man Movie Concept Comic 04 (1024x767).jpg

The Movie, Concept, and Comic 3.75-inch lines will continue throughout the year.  All these figures will come with three translucent armor cards (head, torso, and legs) that you can mix and match to create your own armors.

Iron Man 2 Whiplash 1 (766x1024).jpgIron Man 2 Whiplash 2 (771x1024).jpgIron Man 2 Whiplash 3 (1024x1024).jpgIron Man Movie Concept Comic 18 (771x1024).jpgIron Man 2 Guardsman 1 (764x1024).jpgIron Man 2 Guardsman 2 (767x1024).jpgIron Man 2 Titanium Man 1 (767x1024).jpgIron Man 2 Titanium Man 2 (1024x1020).jpgIron Man 2 Titanium Man 3 (1024x1024).jpgIron Man Movie Concept Comic 10 (768x1024).jpgIron Man Movie Concept Comic 14 (768x1024).jpg

Upcoming figures include Whiplash and Stealth Armor Iron Man in the movie and concept lines.  And we’ll see Guardsman, Titanium Man, and a Hulkbuster Iron Man in the comic series.  Although they didn’t have these in the showroom, they also showed pics of a classic Iron Monger, and arctic, modern, and Silver Centurion armors for Iron Man.

Iron Man 2 Armor Tech 1 (1024x1024).jpgIron Man 2 Armor Tech 2 (1024x1024).jpgIron Man 2 Armor Tech 3 (1024x1024).jpgIron Man 2 Armor Tech 4 (768x1024).jpgIron Man 2 Armor Tech 5 (767x1024).jpgIron Man 2 Armor Tech 6 (1024x1024).jpgIron Man 2 Armor Tech 7 (1024x768).jpgIron Man 2 Armor Tech (1024x768).jpg

A new line extension this year is for Armor Tech – these are deluxe version Iron Man armors with clip-on accessories.  They’ll have three flavors – a Negative Zone armor, a Juggernaut armor, and a Shockwave armor.


Iron Man 2 Red Vortex (1024x768).jpgIron Man 2 Iron Racers 1 (1024x768).jpgIron Man 2 Iron Racers 2 (1024x768).jpgIron Man 2 Iron Racers 3 (1024x768).jpgIron Man 2 Rolling Headquarters 1 (1024x768).jpgIron Man 2 Rolling Headquarters 2 (1024x768).jpgIron Man 2 Rolling Headquarters 3 (1024x768).jpgIron Man 2 Rolling Headquarters 4 (768x1024).jpg

We had the Iron Man muscle car for the last movie, and we’ll have more vehicles this time around.  The most interesting is what they’re calling the “rolling hall of armor headquarters.”  It’s like Tony Stark’s garage, but mobile.  It will flip open, and you’ll be able to clip pieces of Iron Man armor to the walls.

Kid’s Stuff

Iron Man 2 Kids Play (765x1024).jpgIron Man 2 RC Iron Man (1024x768).jpgIron Man 2 RC Iron Man 2 (768x1024).jpgIron Man 2 RC Iron Man 3 (768x1024).jpgIron Man 2 Repulsor Power (768x1024).jpgIron Man 2 Repulsor Power 2 (768x1024).jpgIron Man 2 Rocket Boost Iron Man (1024x766).jpgIron Man 2 Role Play (765x1024).jpg

For kid’s play, IM2 will have some Super Hero Squad 3-packs, an Iron Mash Mr. Potato Head, a 10.5-inch electronic Rocket Boost Iron Man, and what looks like a 12-inch Repulsor Power Iron Man.  There’ll also be some role play masks, gauntlets, and chest power sources.


Unfortunately, none of the exclusive items were in the showroom, so we’ll have to track down pics for you.  However, all the major toy retailers will have Iron Man 2 exclusives:

  • Walmart will have a 6-inch Iron Man and War Machine.  Although not announced, Hasbro anticipates more 6-inchers to go through Walmart in subsequent waves.
  • Toys R Us will also have some 6-inchers, called “Alternate Missions” – these are like Concept series figures, but in the 6-inch scale.  They’ll also have Mighty Muggs for Iron Man and War Machine.
  • Target will have a neat set of products called the “Hall of Armor” – the Mark IV, VI, and War Machine armors will come in clear display cases that can be interlocked to form the hall of armor.
  • K-Mart will have a 3.75-inch Heavy Metal series.

For San Diego Comic-Con, we’ll see another Iron Man in the Mighty Muggs line – this one will have a flip up mask.

Whew!  I’m exhausted.  I’ll try to get to Marvel Universe next.