Toy Fair 2010 – McFarlane Halo, Playmakers, and Prince of Persia Pics

McFarlane (1024x768)

Here’s some booth pics of the Halo, Playmakers, and Prince of Persia lines from McFarlane.  I didn’t speak to anyone at the booth, but it was interesting to see Todd McFarlane working the booth.  He’s participated in special events at Toy Fair before, but I can’t remember him actively manning the booth and talking to buyers and media.


Halo 01 (1024x768).jpgHalo 02 (1024x768).jpgHalo 03 (1024x768).jpgHalo 04 (1024x768).jpgHalo 05 (1024x768).jpgHalo 06 (1024x768).jpgHalo 07 (1024x768).jpgHalo 08 (1024x768).jpgHalo 09 (1024x768).jpgHalo 10 (1024x768).jpgHalo 11 (1024x768).jpgHalo 12 (1024x768).jpgHalo 12 (1024x768).jpgHalo 13 (1024x768).jpgHalo 14 (1024x768).jpgHalo 15 (1024x768).jpgHalo 16 (1024x768).jpgHalo 17 (1024x768).jpgHalo 18 (1024x768).jpgHalo 19 (1024x768).jpgHalo 20 (1024x768).jpgHalo 21 (1024x768).jpgHalo 22 (1024x768).jpgHalo 23 (1024x768).jpg

I wish I had gotten better pictures of the upcoming vehicles.  The Warthog looks very promising and with the Halo video game franchise plugging along, I can see this license continuing for the long haul.


Playmakers 01 (1024x768).jpgPlaymakers 02 (1024x768).jpgPlaymakers 03 (1024x768).jpgPlaymakers 04 (1024x768).jpgPlaymakers 05 (1024x768).jpgPlaymakers 06 (1024x768).jpgPlaymakers 07 (1024x768).jpgPlaymakers 08 (1024x768).jpg

These look like there’s some decent variety in body types and feature some good posability.  I still dislike that McF chose to pack hitters and batters separately instead of charging a little more and giving interchangeable heads and hands..  As you can see, they’re planning to move into football next.  Makes sense.

Prince of Persia

Prince of Persia 04 (768x1024).jpgPrince of Persia 01 (1024x768).jpgPrince of Persia 02 (1024x768).jpgPrince of Persia 03 (1024x768).jpgPrince of Persia 05 (1024x768).jpgPrince of Persia 06 (1024x768).jpgPrince of Persia 07 (1024x768).jpgPrince of Persia 08 (1024x768).jpgPrince of Persia 09 (1024x768).jpg

I think the smaller figures look to have decent sculpts and articulation, but I’m not sure there’s anything compelling outside of the license itself – so these could live or die based on the success of the movie.