Toy Fair 2010 – NECA HeroClix, Player Select, and Movie Figures Pics

While I didn’t speak to anyone at the NECA booth (everyone looked very busy), I did take some pictures of their action figures in HeroClix, Player Select video games, and movie license categories, excluding Harry Potter and Twilight.  Sorry, fans of those two franchises – I couldn’t bring myself to do it. 😀


HeroClix 01 (1024x1024).jpgHeroClix 02 (767x1024).jpgHeroClix 03 (1024x1024).jpgHeroClix 04 (767x1024).jpgHeroClix 05 (766x1024).jpgHeroClix 06 (769x1024).jpgHeroClix 07 (766x1024).jpgHeroClix 08 (765x1024).jpgHeroClix 09 (1024x768).jpgHeroClix 10 (1024x767).jpgHeroClix 11 (1024x767).jpg

Now, I don’t collect HeroClix, but I’m glad to see that being brought into the NECA fold has them alive and kicking.  Hagop said it best when he said that he should have been collecting these all along instead of the other lines he’s got – because they don’t take up a lot of space, and they’ve made every possible character already.

I hadn’t heard that they were making Halo HeroClix – that should be a fun addition to the game.

Player Select

Player Select 01 (1024x1024).jpgPlayer Select 02 (769x1024).jpgPlayer Select 03 (1024x1024).jpgPlayer Select 04 (768x1024).jpgPlayer Select 05 (1024x1024).jpgPlayer Select 06 (1024x1024).jpgPlayer Select 07 (1024x1024).jpgPlayer Select 08 (768x1024).jpgPlayer Select 09 (767x1024).jpgPlayer Select 10 (1024x1024).jpgPlayer Select 11 (1024x768).jpgPlayer Select 12 (1024x768).jpgPlayer Select 13 (1024x576).jpgPlayer Select 14 (1024x576).jpg

Player Select keeps chugging along, powered by some pretty good video game franchises.  Gears of War and BioShock have recent hit sequels.  The video game licenses for figures has gotten a little tougher though, recently, with DC Direct getting into the franchises in a big way.

Movie Licensed Figures

Clash of the Titans 01 (768x1024).jpgClash of the Titans 02 (768x1024).jpgJonah Hex 01 (768x1024).jpgJonah Hex 02 (765x1024).jpgJonah Hex 03 (767x1024).jpgJonah Hex 04 (766x1024).jpgJonah Hex 05 (768x1024).jpgJonah Hex 06 (1024x1024).jpgJonah Hex 07 (1024x1024).jpgJonah Hex 08 (1024x1023).jpgJonah Hex 09 (1024x1024).jpgPredator 01 (767x1024).jpgPredator 02 (767x1024).jpgPredator 03 (1024x1024).jpgPredator 04 (1024x1024).jpgPredator 05 (768x1024).jpgPredator 06 (767x1024).jpgTerminator 2 01 (767x1024).jpgTerminator 2 02 (1024x1024).jpgTerminator 2 03 (766x1024).jpgTerminator 2 04 (767x1024).jpgTerminator 2 05 (768x1024).jpgTerminator 2 06 (767x1024).jpgTerminator 2 07 (768x1024).jpgTerminator 2 08 (768x1024).jpgTerminator 2 09 (768x1024).jpg

I’ve always liked NECA’s figures for the movies, and their powerhouse lines of Twilight and Harry Potter will keep them going, despite my distaste for those franchises.  But I’m glad that there’s action in the movie licenses that I’ve got more interest in.  I was surprised to see Jonah Hex figures here – I thought those would go to DC Direct by default.  The Megan Fox likeness is stronger here than it was on the DC Direct bust I saw.  Clash of the Titans is new, and more Predators and Terminators is always a good thing.  I’m psyched for the T-1000 – the Robert Patrick likeness is dead on.