Toy Fair 2011 – NECA Duke Nukem, Terminator, Gears of War, BioShock

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I’m getting settled back in after a whirlwind trip to NYC for Toy Fair, so I’ll be posting the remaining pics over the next few days. Up next is NECA – I will probably never forgive them for deep-sixing the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles wave 2 figures, but I’ll admit that it’s hard to keep the blood boiling when they continue to put out awesome figures for the lines that have continued to thrive. A new addition this year is a Duke Nukem figure to accompany Duke Nukem Forever. I could make a joke about what the Forever stands for in the game name, but I won’t. I was also really impressed by the new Terminator figures, although I have a tough time finding those in my local TRUs.

They also had some more Gears of War, BioShock, and Claptrap from Borderlands on display. VeeBee was disappointed I missed the Gremlins stuff – I’m not sure how I could overlook those.

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San Diego Comic-Con 2010 – the Complete Picture Gallery Guide

So we’ve been back from Comic-Con for a week, and boy do we have tons of pics to share with you all! To help you guys and gals navigate our galleries, we’ve prepared a summary with links to make browsing easier! Here we go!

First off, you can find the San Diego Comic-Con gallery under Events in our Galleries section. Click on 2010 San Diego Comic-Con and you’ll see all the different galleries for each company and a couple of non-toy galleries too.

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NECA Announces More BioShock Figures for Summer

I know Sandman likes these (see his Big Sister and Little Sister review), but it’s difficult for me to appreciate them fully without ever having played the game.

Shocked Again

NECA Shines Light on New BioShock Figures and Replicas!

Hot on the heels of our Big Daddy Bouncer plush replica and the EVE Hypo Syringe, we’ve got a whole new wave of BioShock items due this summer!

Based on the 2k Games smash hit, BioShock 2, our latest wave of BioShock items are bigger and more detailed than ever before — and in the case of the Subject Delta plush, also more adorable.

At over seven inches tall, Subject Delta is the sequel to the Big Daddy Bouncer plush replica. It perfectly captures the look of Little Sister’s doll from the game. Comes complete with a baseball head, corkscrew drill arm and a wristwatch face.

For those looking for a little more action (figures), we’ve got our Series 2 assortment, which features an Eleanor Lamb and Little Sister two pack and a 7″ Ladysmith Splicer that comes with a tommy gun, rolling pin and a removable mask. The Little Sister and Eleanor Lamb stand 3 3/4” and are fully articulated. Accessories include ADAM syringes and two small Big Daddy dolls for the girls to hold.

And then it’s time to get deluxe. Big Daddy Rosie is loaded with articulation and tanks that plug into the back. This enormous figure also comes with the Rivet Gun accessory that she can hold in her right hand. This is the biggest and baddest Big Daddy yet!

All these new BioShock items will hit stores late June or July and will also be featured on our Amazon storefront.

via || National Entertainment Collectibles Association, Inc..

Toy Fair 2010 – NECA HeroClix, Player Select, and Movie Figures Pics

While I didn’t speak to anyone at the NECA booth (everyone looked very busy), I did take some pictures of their action figures in HeroClix, Player Select video games, and movie license categories, excluding Harry Potter and Twilight.  Sorry, fans of those two franchises – I couldn’t bring myself to do it. 😀

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