Masters of the Universe Classics Evil-Lyn


Another month, another Masters of the Universe Classics sellout. It seems this line is going full speed ahead and this month’s release is a very important character in the Masters of the Universe mythos: Evelyn Morgan Powers a.k.a Evil-Lyn!!

The evil dark arts master is a reuse of the Teela body, with some nice improvements.

One noticeable improvement is how the head sits on her neck. On Teela, one of the main complaints was how her head sat high on her neck. The neck peg was set a little high which not only looks awkward in certain views but also caused a “bobblehead” effect in some. This is not the case on Evil-Lyn. Her head sits just right on the neck peg.

The other improvement is the softer plastic they used on her skirt, which greatly improves her thigh poseability. This gives her an edge on Teela, as there are some poses that she can do that Teela can’t. If they use this softer plastic on Teela’s re-issue, I’ll definitely pick her up again!


Evil-Lyn comes with Screech, pretty much a Zoar repaint with added armor and perch stand. She also comes with a knife and a crystal ball wand, which can be converted to a staff with the included attachment. I actually have trouble taking off the crystal ball part off the wand, so I didn’t even try switching to the staff. I’m sure a little boil and pop would take care of that, but I like the look of the wand better so I’m sticking with that.



Here’s an example of how the softer plastic improves her poseability – she can sit down!!




The yellow skin and light blue / dark blue coloring on her outfit really differentiate her from Teela. This makes the reuse of the body not so obvious. The paint applications on her face look good. The green make up is a nice detail which draws your attention to her mean-lookin’ face.

The only nitpick I have on my figure is the paint application on her chest detail. The dark blue parts are not painted to the edge of the breast swirls.


I thought I would be bored with Evil-Lyn when I first saw the early pictures of her, but I was pleasantly surprised when I got her! I just love the way she looks and the change to the soft plastic skirt really makes a lot of difference as far as poseability. I hope they use the improvements made on this female buck in future re-issues!!

Thanks for looking, and I hope you all enjoyed the pics!

Bird fight!!

8 thoughts on “Masters of the Universe Classics Evil-Lyn”

  1. Great pics as usual. I especially dig the one where Lynn holds Teela hostage by the neck. That’s a really nice composition. The three falcons look cool together as well. I need to break out the old Marvel Legends stands and do that too.

  2. I found that with mine, the crystal ball end of the wand was stuck really well but with a little hot water and gentle tugging it came off easily. Once the seal was broken it swapped between the staff and wand handle very easily.

  3. Thanks again Matt! I have to say photographing that yellow is a toughie for me, it comes out different almost every time! Also I just saw my Wonder Twins eagle, she should have joined that bird fight!!

    Yeah Stranger, I figured it would pop off with a little boil and pop, but I do like the wand so I’m just keeping it that way. Thanks for looking and commenting guys!!

  4. What is that throne she is sitting on? I would love to have that and those magic effects around her staff… Any help with those?

  5. Where did you get those awesome plastic “lightning” and “power” effects? I need a lot of those. Did you make them?

  6. Hey Colder Soldier, I got those effects from a Naruto Trading figure, you can see a pic on my post above!

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