AFP Ask Matty Round-Up for 5/15/10

Toy Guru and Mattel are back with another edition of Ask Matty. Thanks, guys!

1. We love the softer plastic that was used for the outfit on the Masters of the Universe Classics Evil-Lyn (see Sandman’s Evil-Lyn review), which really helps when posing her legs. Are you planning to use this softer plastic when you re-issue Teela?


Yes we are.

2. If the quarterly and large-scale figures do get included in the Club Eternia subscription for 2011, subscribers would be on the hook for approximately double what the 2010 subscription will cost over the course of this year. This year, subscribers got one Club Eternia exclusive – for 2011 have you considered including two Club Eternia exclusive figures, or including more items like the Map of Eternia to make the rewards commensurate with the increased price?

The point of the Club is to allow collectors to get all of the year’s figures without having to worry about a sell-out. While we are adding more figures for the year, we won’t be adding more Club exclusives beyond a new map and a new club figure.

3. The flip-up face on the DC Universe Classics variant Negative Man (see Buzzy’s DCUC Wave 13 review) was a cool surprise. What was the inspiration behind that idea? Any upcoming figures have any surprises that you can hint at?

Negative Man Variant 004.jpgNegative Man Variant 007.jpgNegative Man Variant 008.jpgNegative Man Variant 011.jpgNegative Man Variant 009.jpg

This was something Bill Benecke, lead designer on the DCUC line came up with because he is such a swell guy. We are always trying to push the limit and hope to have a lot more surprises with future figures!

4. With the Jonah Hex movie opening in about a month, on June 18, I was hoping we might see a comics-based version as a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive for DC Universe Classics. Hex has a lot of the same attributes as Lobo, in that he’s a violent character with a devoted but smaller following. Would Jonah Hex work as a standard retail offering, and would it make sense to have him in the line this year to take advantage of the movie buzz?

Jonah could certainly be a standard DCUC figure, but there are no plans to announce Mr. Hex at this time in the 6-inch scale. We are big fans though!

5. In the past, you mentioned that there was a pretty significant superstar that was originally part of the second WWE Legends series who had to be pushed back to series 3. When will you reveal who that superstar is? Is it the Rock?

Ideally, we will be able to announce this at SDCC.

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