threeA Toys WWRp 7-Pack Deep Powder Bertie

I will admit to being a ThreeA and WWR newbie, but man am I already hooked. I always saw people posting pictures of these amazingly painted robots that looked like they jumped out of a WWII scifi novel. I finally got my hands on one and had to show it off, so here we go!



As you can see, the details and paint applications on this figure are amazing. Even more amazing is the scale it is done at, this figure is about 6 inches tall, and the smaller Square is about 1.5 inches wide. Each is painted by hand, so no two have the EXACT weathering, which makes each one just that much cooler.



Each finger is fully articulated, there are ball joints and removable belt accessories that are fully functional, right down to the small quick-release clip on the back of the belt. The detail and craftsmanship on these figures is just insane.  Without gushing too much, I will say this is the best purchase Ive made in a while, and if you can find one with the Square for about $40-60 it is well worth it, and there are plenty of other styles to choose from.  They are periodically available at



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