Win a Retailer Exclusive WWRp Bertie – OneSixthBruce’s Photo Contest

3A Toys has been shipping the retail versions of the Mk2 Berties from the World War Robot portable line to their retail partners (check out the Bambaland exclusive 7-pack and Dirty Deeds 12-pack). As a bonus to their retailers, they’re also shipping some retailer exclusives to selected partners.

OneSixthBruce, a UK-based retailer, is holding a photo contest to give away these exclusives. The contest is open until June 30th, and if you win, you only pay shipping. I *must* win that Ghost Hunter exclusive! 🙂

ThreeA WWRp retail exclusives GiveAway

This is it guys, our OSB threeA WWRp Retail Exclusives giveaway.

We have thought long and hard about how to do the giveaway, and we weren’t keen on just pulling a name from a hat – that’s boring, maybe fair but boring!!

You need to work for this giveaway!

The theme is ‘every day threeA’.

We want you guys to take a picture of any threeA toy and post it up on OSB wall (which will automatically put your picture into the fan page album).

We want to see pics of you and your threeA toys in your everyday life.

via Facebook | OneSixthBruce’s Photos – ThreeA WWRp retail exclusives GiveAway.

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