DC Universe Classics Undersea Assault Two-Pack Quick Pics

Undersea Assault - WM Excl 001.jpgUndersea Assault - WM Excl 002.jpgUndersea Assault - WM Excl 003.jpgUndersea Assault - WM Excl 006.jpg

I wasn’t going to buy this set but I stopped in the only DC Universe Classics stocking Wal-Mart a couple days ago and discovered that, due a reset of the Toy Department, all of the DCUC stock had been moved to a clearance aisle and for $15, I couldn’t pass it up. Overall the quality of the set is very good. Manta’s gun was slightly bent up and Aquaman’s right leg was a little warped at the knee joint (easily fixed with a session under the hair dryer and cold water tap) but otherwise they are well made with no problems or defects.


Undersea Assault - WM Excl 013.jpgUndersea Assault - WM Excl 007.jpgUndersea Assault - WM Excl 010.jpgUndersea Assault - WM Excl 008.jpgUndersea Assault - WM Excl 014.jpgUndersea Assault - WM Excl 015.jpg

Aquaman is… flamboyant… in his gold mail deco but I prefer my quickie custom version in the comparison pic. I’m just not a fan of the black trunks.

Black Manta?

Undersea Assault - WM Excl 016.jpgUndersea Assault - WM Excl 021.jpgUndersea Assault - WM Excl 024.jpgUndersea Assault - WM Excl 028.jpgUndersea Assault - WM Excl 029.jpgUndersea Assault - WM Excl 032.jpg

The finish on Manta feels so weird, it’s a soft rubbery texture. Very strange and disconcerting. I prefer the DCUC 2 Black Manta over this one but the UA Manta is kinda cool. Wish they hadn’t painted on the belt, I think it would’ve looked better to just leave it off. Unfortunately Manta’s fork was not included in the two-pack but I imagine one could be easily found considering how many customs are being made out of DCUC 2 Black Mantas.

Curse this EMPTY right hand!!!

4 thoughts on “DC Universe Classics Undersea Assault Two-Pack Quick Pics”

  1. I’m right there with you got this set for $15.00 good price considering one figure cost $14.98, and that Black Manta did have a weird feel texture to it…first thing that came to my mind was that line from the movie Coming to America “this is beautiful what is it velvet”.

  2. the shiny scales on Aquaman are nice, but I’m pretty happy with the look of the original short-haired Aquaman release. after seeing pics of Black Manta, though, I’ll probably see if I can pick one of those up.

  3. I definitely prefer the muted colors of the DCUC 2 Aquaman. the one I have in my comparison pic is the long haired variant body with the arms and head from the classic look Aquaman. I thought it was a lot better looking with the gold belt and sans black trunks. which is actually how he was pictured on the card art. the UA Aquaman is just too brightly colored for my taste.

  4. I bought the set for Aquaman but Black Manta quickly out-cooled him. His “painted coating” is incredibly neat – I get the sense this really could be some sort of high-tech wetsuit material. A nice change of pace for the formerly-lame 2-packs.

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