First Look – Masters of the Universe Classics Count Marzo –

With Mattel revealing the Masters of the Universe Classics Chief Carnivus at Wizard World Philly this weekend, Count Marzo, the Club Eternia figure for July, won’t be the lone 200X character in MOTUC for long. In VeeBee’s first look, he found the styling a bit too influenced by the animated look, but I think he’ll fit in just fine with my growing Classics collection.

I really dig that Marzo can store his amulet on his belt or grip it in his hand.

He has all of this neat back story and I can tell you that he is also a great figure. From construction and engineering (I have no loose joints), to his paint – he is very well executed. His all-new cape and loincloth are cast in soft plastic so they are very flexible and his all-important amulet is made of a clear red plastic so light can shine through and when he is holding it you can actually see his hand (new sculpt) through it. I know that is subtle, but the devil is in the details like that so I tip my hat to the design team for for the little things. His loincloth also has a place to store his sword (I will get to that in a minute) as well as the amulet (on his back) and I love it when a figure can carry all of it’s allotted accessories. Really, there is a lot to like about this figure.

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