San Diego Comic-Con 2010 Most Wanted – Talyn

Though I am unable to attend SDCC this year, there is much I look forward to seeing and hearing about, action figure and otherwise.

Transformers (Hasbro)

BotCon 2010 09.jpg

I collect Transformers pretty heavily, and at this year’s Botcon several weeks ago, some amazing descriptions for upcoming figures were given by those who attended. I am hoping these figures get shown at Comic Con this year. These include the LONG awaited Generations (Classics) Jazz with pop-out boombox speakers, as well as a few other favorites like Tracks, Perceptor, Reflector & more. Im also looking forward to seeing a new Power Core Combiner themed after the original G1 Dinobots named ‘Grimstone.”

Hasbro is also planning on showing more info about the upcoming Hub television show; Transformers: Prime, so hopefully some video comes from that as well.

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TRON (Disney)

On the non-action figure front, Im eagerly awaiting any new news regarding the upcoming TRON film, hopefully a new trailer or displays of the prop replicas to be offered.

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World War Robot (ThreeA Toys)

For those of you who get to go this year, enjoy it and grab plenty exclusives!  I’m wishing for the ThreeA WWRp Armstrong Exclusive!

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