Mattel Publishes Schedule Through November

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Honestly, I can’t wait until 2011 when my all-in Club Eternia subscription kicks in. If Tytus was any indicator, September will be a quick sell-out month with the oversized Gygor figure going on sale. And I think November will be interesting too, since Grayskull was the first figure introduced in the line, back at San Diego Comic-Con in 2009.

Remember back then? The first He-Man on took weeks to sell out! šŸ˜€

No official pics yet of the line-up, which includes a couple Ghostbusters and the JLU Parademon 2-pack, but we included some from our SDCC 2010 coverage.

Product Release Dates Through November

Toy Fans,

The whirlwind of insanity that is SDCC is over, and weā€™re finally settled down and getting back to business as usual. Weā€™re still pulling together final images, but hereā€™s a list of products that are scheduled for release through the end of November:


  • Ghostbustersā„¢ 6″ Egon Spenglerā„¢ with PKE Meterā„¢, stack of books
  • Masters of the UniverseĀ® Classics Chief Carnivusā„¢ (Club Eterniaā„¢ monthly figure)
  • Masters of the UniverseĀ® Classics Gygorā„¢


  • Masters of the UniverseĀ® Classics RobotoĀ® (Club Eterniaā„¢ monthly figure)
  • Masters of the UniverseĀ® Classics ZodacĀ®


  • DCU JLU Parademonā„¢ 2-Pack
  • Ghostbustersā„¢ 6″ Peter Venkmanā„¢ with Ghostbustersā„¢ Logo Base
  • Masters of the UniverseĀ® Classics GrizzlorĀ® (Club Eterniaā„¢ monthly figure)
  • Masters of the UniverseĀ® Classics Grayskullā„¢ (with Orb)
  • Masters of the UniverseĀ® Classics Weapons Pak Great Wars Assortment

Novemberā€™s already shaped up to be one heck of a month, but thereā€™s even more in store for you! Weā€™re working on plans for a serious Cyber Monday sale on November 29th at 9 a.m. PT/Noon ET and itā€™s gonna be BIG! Watch this spot for details to come, and check back soon to see images of the September, October, and November products!

ā€” Matty

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4 thoughts on “Mattel Publishes Schedule Through November”

  1. Bit disappointed in the look of Grizzlor. I’ve still got my childhood Grizzlor, and the fur on him looks decidedly less cheap than this MOTUC version.

  2. in most cases, sticking with the original aesthetic of the vintage figures has worked for this line. I never had the original figure so I can’t make the same comparison as you did, but I am curious on what they could have done differently with Grizzlor.

  3. I’d hope for a bit of a twist when it came to the fur, but don’t mind how they’ve added the fur, just that on the prototype there it looks odd, like he’s wearing a bad wig. The original fur was a bit more matted, and sat nicer on the body. Who knows, maybe they haven’t finished it just yet, but I’ll definitely need to see plenty of the finished product before I contemplate picking him up (so, eBay it is).

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