Border Patrol: San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive 30-inch Anti Monitor

In AFP’s Border Patrol, we scour active eBay auctions for customized action figures that you won’t want to let slip by!

30 inch Anti-Monitor 2009 Mattel Convention exclusive!! – this isn’t technically a custom, as it was made by folks at Mattel, but since each (of only ten pieces worldwide) of these 30-inch Anti Monitors were fully hand-crafted, this could be the most rare non-customized custom that you’d ever have in your collection – ends Oct 18, 2010 19:02:23 PDT

If you’ve got the scratch – happy bidding!

11 thoughts on “Border Patrol: San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive 30-inch Anti Monitor”

  1. I think you might be referring to the infamous Matt Mason – that’s someone in the mid-west.

    this seller has 100% feedback on ebay.

  2. The last DC Infinite Heroes DCIH SDCC exclusive Anti Monitor on Ebay sold for like $300. I know, I’ve been looking for one. The fact that this nimrod thinks it’s worth $2,000 is laughable.

  3. Nope, no Anti-Monitor has ever sold for $300 on ebay. I’ve been watching the auctions since I won mine last year. There have only been two on ebay and one either sold for $2500 or $3500 (can’t remember which now) and the other was listed as a buy it now for $8000. The buy it now one was later removed, so I’m not sure if it sold or not.

    Most of the others are now in permanent collections, so this might just be the last one that’s for sale for many years to come. So I think my starting price is more than fair.

    Also, my screen name (rexmason) is based on Metamorpho’s alias. I’ve been using it since back in my AOL days in the 90s, and have no affiliation with the infamous Matt Mason. I’ve only had positive feedback from my ebay sales, as well as my figure sales on the DC Direct and Mattel message boards.

    Thanks for looking at the auction, everybody. Happy bidding.

  4. I do wish you the best to get as much as you can for it, rexmason. But you’re mistaken.

    One was bought by Ebayer “astrohu” for around $300, customized..(yep, customized by a top painter in NYC) and resold by astrohu. It was listed in an auction, but sold off-Ebay.

    “astohu” won it from seller “hoobajoob72″ back in August. Too much time has elapsed, so the auction details aren’t still active. But here is the feedback, auction number and listing title.

    Great to deal with real professional A++++ Seller: hoobajoob72
    Aug-21-09 17:37
    DC Universe 30” Anti-Monitor SDCC 09 Exclusive (#120458917094)

  5. What you saw must have been just a custom then. There are 10 of these figures in existence. One is owned by DC, one is owned by Marvel, and only eight were ever active in circulation. Julius over at AFI won one, one collector one three (and sold one on ebay – that’s the $2,500 or 3,500 one), another had his listed at 8,000, and I won one. That means there are two others out there, so I doubt someone would customize it. It wouldn’t make sense to lower the value like that. Either way, something that rare wouldn’t sell for $300. Just look how much the Holiday Hals sell for, and there were 500 of those made.

  6. A friend pointed me to this website, which ought to clear everything up:

    If you scroll down to the bottom it shows that one Anti-Monitor sold for $3,256, one for $3,450 (perhaps this was the negotiated buy it now figure?) and one for $203.49. Obviously, the custom painted Anti-Monitor you saw being auctioned off lessened the value significantly. Which makes sense. As my friend pointed out, it’s like buying the Mona Lisa, and then adding a mustache because you think it looks better.

    Essentially there are now only 7 Anti-Monitors available to collectors since that one has been customized. So really, my figure is worth more than the figures sold last year. And as I said, it may be the last chance for anyone else to get their hands on this great toy.

    All in all, I think $2000 is a steal for a figure with a proven track record of selling for much more. But I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how the auction pans out.

  7. The Rumorbuster site has good data on the sales of the IH Anti Monitor. Thanks for pointing me to it.

    But the thing that is incorrect is the assumption that the $203 Anti Monitor sold by hoobajoob72 was custom painted. It was an actual, 100% legitimate 30″ Anti Monitor. Untouched, Uncustomized. I was quite taken when I came upon the completed auction and saw the amount it sold for.

    The purchaser was astrohu. He has action figure / toy industry connections and he wasn’t satisfied with the Mattel paint job. So he had a friend who is a top painter paint on some details etc. People gave him a lot of slack for it, and I’d agree with that. He then wanted to sell it, and listed it on Ebay. But the auction was closed and it was sold off of Ebay. I don’t know the price, but I’ll shoot him an email and ask.

    So, the last one that appeared on Ebay was the hoobajoob72 one that sold for the $200 amount.

    And I should apologize for my use of “laughable” in my original post. I don’t think it’s laughable. I quickly typed that and should have phrased it differently.

  8. I shouldn’t have used “nimrod” either. That was antagonistic for no reason… and I shouldn’t have posted it. Sorry man.

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