Reminder: Cyber Monday Sale 11/29

Mattel is running a Cyber Monday special across it’s collector-based lines. Items are listed at their original prices, but if you spend over $100 on Monday only, you get a 10% discount.

  • Masters of the Universe Classics: He-Man® Figure, Skeletor® Figure, Battle Cat® Figure
  • Justice League Unlimited: Lobo Figure, “Shazam!” Family 4-Pack, Doom Patrol 4-Pack, Legion of Super Heroes 4-Pack, JLU Gotham City Criminals 4-Pack, Justice Guild 4-Pack
  • Ghostbusters: 12″ Ray Stantz™ Figure, 12″ Egon Spengler™ Figure (with trap), 12” Peter Venkman™ Figure, 12” Winston Zeddemore™ Figure, 6” Peter Venkman™ Figure, 6″ Ray Stantz™ Figure, 6″ Winston Zeddemore™ Figure (with trap), 6” Walter Peck™ Figure
  • DC Universe Classics: Adam Strange and Starfire Figures, Alexander Luthor and Ultraman Figures, Justice in the Jungle: B’Wana Beast and Animal Man Figures, The Color of Fear: Romat-Ru and Karu-Sil Figures, 6” Superman
  • DC Infinite Heroes: Infinite Heroes Crisis 4-Pack (Psycho Pirate, The Flash, Supergirl & The Monitor)

Here’s a link to the bundle page for your shopping convenience. Improvements to the Digital River site have been delayed until January at the soonest, so be prepared for the WSOD. Best of luck!

Cyber Monday Sale Details

Sale Starts: Monday, November 29th at 9 AM PT
Sale Ends: Sunday, December 5th at 11:59 PM PT
Extra Savings Day: Monday, November 29th ONLY 9 AM PT – 11:59 PM PT. Save 10% off every order over $100 (excluding taxes and fees). All products must be purchased during the same transaction and shipped to a single address.
Battle Cat® Coupon: You must have the original code to redeem the coupon. Enter the code at checkout. Lost/deleted coupons cannot be redeemed.

via Online Store – Create Your Bundle.

2 thoughts on “Reminder: Cyber Monday Sale 11/29”

  1. I see the reviews but there are often no release dates for the figures in your reviews. Do you know if the DC Universe Series 14 and 15 are available now at their respective stores? It’s a bit of a drive for me to get to either! Thanks!

  2. hi Cayo – DC Universe Classics 15 has been out for several weeks at Kmart and some online retailers. I’m not sure if there’ve been sightings at other retailers yet, but I haven’t been paying that close attention to it.

    14 has seen pretty wide distribution at Wal-Mart in the past week or so.

    good luck on your search!

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