DC Universe Classics Wave 15 Collect & Connect Validus

DCUC 15 Validus 001.jpg

Howdy all! Here we are finishing up DC Universe Classics Wave 15 with some pretty pics of the Collect & Connect figure from the 31st Century, Validus!

DCUC 15 Validus 002.jpgDCUC 15 Validus 003.jpgDCUC 15 Validus 004.jpgDCUC 15 Validus 005.jpgDCUC 15 Validus 006.jpgDCUC 15 Validus 007.jpg

Not much I can say about Validus that the pics don’t show, he’s big (though many would argue he’s not big enough), he’s got 3 digits on his hands and 2 on his feet, you can see his evil brain and all of his hideous teeth! I think he’s extremely cool and I love the expressive sculpt the Horsemen gave him. Now we just need some Legionnaires  for him to smack around. Getting the rest of the Fatal Five would be cool too.

DCUC 15 Validus 011.jpgDCUC 15 Validus 011b.jpgDCUC 15 Validus 012.jpg

Besides the pretty kisser, Validus’ head also has great range of motion.

DCUC 15 Validus 008.jpgDCUC 15 Validus 009.jpg

DCUC 15 Validus 015.jpg

DCUC 15 Validus 007b.jpg

DCUC 15 Validus 016.jpg

This C&C is a great representation of Validus. I feel the only thing Validus (Brimstone and Killowog too) is lacking is some leg swivel articulation. It would really increase his pose-ability. Regardless of that, Validus is a fun C&C to have tear through your DC Universe Classics figures.

DCUC 15 Group 001.jpg
The Gang's All Here!
DCUC 15 Validus 019.jpg
No touch my brains!!!

So there you have it, DCUC 15 all wrapped up! If you missed out on the previous DCUC 15 reviews, here are the links to ’em >

Now I gotta try to get through DCUC 14 before Green Lantern Classics 1 hits!

2 thoughts on “DC Universe Classics Wave 15 Collect & Connect Validus”

  1. I’ve really enjoyed these peeks into your thoughts about this recent Wave. Not willing to say that this is my favorite wave by a long shot, but there are some true standout figures, and being able to see your pics and read your thoughts has been fun.

  2. thanx Stygian! good to hear that someone enjoys my inane ramblings. I don’t know if I’ve ever had a “favorite” Wave but IMHO there are more high points than low points in each.

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