DC Universe Classics All-Star Deathstroke the Terminator

The DC Universe Classics Wave 16 All-Star Deathstroke I ordered from Amazon was delivered to me a couple weeks ago, so I figured it was about time I got my lazy ass in gear and put up some pics and thoughts about the deadly Mr.Wilson.

Deathstroke has been one of my top favorites of the DCUC series, but the original Wave 3 figures suffered from some rubbery plastic knees, badly molded feet and a dusty substance coming from some of the pivot joints. So, considering the All-Star figures I’ve encountered have usually been better quality than the original releases, I thought I’d take a gamble on the new All-Star re-issue of Deathstroke.

Alas, except for sporting the new foot design (swivel and foot all one molded part) and some more vivid paint on his chain mail, I’d swear this figure came out of the same production run as the Wave 3 version.

The knees aren’t as rubbery as the DCUC 3 Deathstroke’s but they still have a little of that feel. The wrist and bicep swivel joints are all super tight too. I had to pop his left hand off and sand down the peg a bit so that it would actually turn, otherwise it was going to break. It leads me to the conclusion that the dust substance coming from the original’s pivot joints was some kind of lubrication to keep the pegs from tearing.

Even with my few nit picks, if you missed out on Slade the first time around, I think the All-Star re-issue will set you up nicely. IMHO, he’s one of the coolest/interesting looking DCUC figures.

Above is the All Star re-issue flanked by both versions from DCUC Wave 3.

The  assault rifle that comes with the re-issue is also just as rubbery as the original release…

So I gave him a new one from a McFarlane Spawn figure. Ah, McFarlane figures – the one stop shop for all your 6-inch, badass weaponry needs.

Outfitted him a mini from a NECA Terminator as well. Perfect for when Slade needs to take out a team of super powered do-gooders.

I also modded both heads so I could swap them out. The trick is to widen the opening without altering the socket.

I changed out the huge ammo belt for a sleeker one from a McFarlane (of course ;-)) figure and altered it to work with the clip for his staff.

Now Slade is ready to terminate DCU meta-teens with extreme prejudice. Meanwhile, I wait and wonder how long before we get Slade’s little girl, Rose the Ravager, in DCUC? How long Mattel, how long?!

>> See more pics of the DCUC All-Star Deathstroke the Terminator in the AFP Gallery!

4 thoughts on “DC Universe Classics All-Star Deathstroke the Terminator”

  1. Deathstroke the Terminator is one of my favorites DCUC figures as well. Thanks for sharing your tips for tricking ol’ Slade out. Awesome article and pics.

  2. Thank you. I have the wave 3 figure and although he doesn’t suffer from that dusty stuff that bad, I still have to clean him off every once in a while and the rubbery knees drive me nuts. I’ve had the all star figure sitting in my cart at amazon for a couple of weeks, and I just haven’t ordered it yet. I was hoping he would be different enough from the original release to justify the purchase, like having boots and gloves that are more red, or different shade of chain mail. After reading this, I think I can save the $15.

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