C2E2 2011 – The GodBeast Customs

This past weekend at C2E2 I was able to spend some time at the NerdCity booth, host of The GodBeast, Marty Hansen. If you have not heard of the GodBeast before, prepare yourself for colorful, creativity, toy overload!

TGB Customs started out by making custom creations using the 80’s Battle Beasts figures, and then moved on to original creations such as the Kabuto Mushi. Marty even got his sons into the custom biz with their own toys, the Mammoth Monstor & Robo Gloops.

However, the main feature and draw of many of TGB custom parts, is their compatibility with the Onell Designs Glyos System (featured here & here on AFP).


Along with the Glyos customs, TGB also had for sale & display an exclusive Galaxxor figure, with a custom head sculpted by Glyos’ Matt Doughty. These exclusives sold out quickly, as well as a custom DelPheyden head sculpted by Matt and cast by TGB. He also had many Infection heads on hand.




If you ever get into the Glyos toys, or are into the designer toy scene, you definitely need to check out The God Beast Customs! His custom additions to your Glyos figures really makes your collection stand out from the rest, and it helps support an independent artist!

Thanks again to Marty for all the fun & exclusives at C2E2! See you next year!

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