C2E2 2011 – Picture Rundown and Mattel Voltron Update

C2E2 – Chicago Comics & Entertainment Expo just wrapped up this Sunday and AFP was there to cover all the cool new toy coming out soon. Here is a quick look rundown of the most news-worthy items at the convention.

Marvel Select Red Skull – In Stores June 2011, as well as Thor, Loki & Cap:


Mattel Batman Legacy:


Mattel Ghostbusters – GB2 Winston with new head, gloves & details:


Mattel Green Lantern Movie Masters figures & DC Prop Replica:


Matty Collector Booth & MOTUC display with Catra & TRU 2 Packs:


ALSO, though they had nothing on display, I was able to ask one of the Mattel reps about the new Voltron Classics line.  I learned that it is coming in about 5-6 months, each lion will be around $30 each, with  diecast parts,  spring actions, articulated figures that fit in each lion, sold on MattyCollector.com, and fully combined into Voltron is over 2-3 feet!  Also, each will come with a part to build the blazing sword!

They also mentioned that the classic Voltron toys will only be on Matty Collector at first, but once the new series toys hit retail for a little bit, they plan to start mixing the two at retail.

Check back for more C2E2 coverage coming this week!

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  1. Nice pics! Man, that Winston is looking fantastic now! I’m so glad they were able to go in and make the changes to the pack. I wasn’t too interested in Voltron toys before, but that sounds kinda cool.

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