DC Universe Classics Custom Sinestro Corps Maash – Bigger n’ Buffer

Here is a little mod job I just finished up for fellow Fwoosher, Rick (Already Owns It) Coronel. I had done a similar Maash mod for my shelf and Rick asked if I could do the same for him but go a few steps further.

To better illustrate, the Maash on the left is the one I completed for Rick and the one on the right, with the big hole in the back, is my lazy custom.


  • DCUC/GLC 1 Maash head, arms, hands and lower legs
  • DCUC 15 SC Batman body
  • Fill in cape anchor hole on back and sculpt muscles with Aves Fixit Sculpt
  • Paint the neck (SC Batman’s neck is black) and back to correct details, yellow was done by carefully airbrushing and dry brushing many layers of Model Masters Acryl Chrome Yellow and Insignia Yellow

Thanks for looking!

5 thoughts on “DC Universe Classics Custom Sinestro Corps Maash – Bigger n’ Buffer”

  1. I followed suit after seeing your custom on FigureRealm. I didn’t fill in the cape hole, but I did repaint his back to have the three spikes. This is a much better version of Maash than the standard body. I like to call him “Corn Beef Maash”. LOL!

  2. I wouldn’t have thought a change like that would make a big difference, but your bigger custom looks better.

  3. Nice. Like me, it seems like much of your work is just correcting and improving things. Don’t settle!

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