WonderCon 2011 – Mattel Masters of the Universe Classics

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As part of its Collectors Appreciation Tour, Mattel was on site at WonderCon this weekend, in a relatively jam-packed booth, considering how much was on display. There was a lot of traffic to see the new reveals for Masters of the Universe Classics – in September, the Evil Horde gets some new blood with Leech and Hurricane Hordak.

2011 Release Schedule

  • January – Vikor, Palace Guard 2-pack*
  • February – Bow, Preternia Disguise He-Man, Shadow Beast
  • March – King Hsss, Battle Armor Skeletor
  • April – Sy-Klone, Panthor, Weapons Rack*
  • May – Catra
  • June – Faceless One, Battleground Teela
  • July – Clawful
  • August – Man-E-Faces, Megator
  • September – Leech, Hurricane Hordak

*Not included in Club Eternia subscriptions

MOTUC (2) (852x1280).jpgMOTUC (3) (852x1280).jpgMOTUC (9) (854x1280).jpgMOTUC (11) (1280x853).jpgMOTUC (1) (1280x852).jpgMOTUC (4) (1280x853).jpgMOTUC (8) (1280x853).jpgMOTUC (10) (1280x853).jpgMOTUC (12) (1280x855).jpg

Leech and Hordak are both painted prototypes at this point, so they were a little fragile when getting moved around. For those of you hoping for an alternate head for Leech, you’re out of luck – what you see is what you get. The Four Horsemen stated that Leech’s head will sit lower on his neck. He’ll come with the net and crossbow, which I presume will have a clip.

Hordak will feature three accessories that you can place on his forearm – they will spin. His armor will be vac metal and has the knob from the vintage figure’s action feature on its back. Both figures are part of the Club Eternia subscription.

MOTUC (1280x853).jpgMOTUC (5) (1280x853).jpgMOTUC (6) (1280x853).jpgMOTUC (7) (1280x853).jpg

Mattel also tormented us with a battle diorama featuring a Castle Grayskull backdrop. Compared to the MOTUC display at C2E2 a couple of weeks ago, the arrangement made a little more sense, with She-Ra and Catra facing off, for example. I suspect this was the case because more of the Mattel team was on hand, including Toy Guru – he also happened to be featured in the display as the lone Palace Guard.

The big realization for me was that if we were to get a Grayskull from Mattel, it would really have to be huge to do this line justice.

2 thoughts on “WonderCon 2011 – Mattel Masters of the Universe Classics”

  1. Those are some nice pics! Best I’ve seen of those figs yet. Did you get somebody to open up the display for you?

  2. Great pics! Leech and Kobra Khan were my absolute favorite figures as a kid, so this is easily the most exciting figure of 2011 for me. It would probably take Khan himself to top that.

    Never had a Hurricane Hordak, but he looks cool. I really hope they won’t sculpt a “knob” on Tung Lashor, though.

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