WonderCon 2011 – Green Lantern

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Yes, I still have WonderCon pics to post – one day I’ll win the lottery and this can become my full-time gig. For now, please accept my apologies that these pics of Green Lantern action figures weren’t posted a week ago. With the movie opening just over 2 months from now, WonderCon was one of the last big pop culture events available to promote the movie and associated merchandise. And Green Lantern had a very strong presence, being featured prominently at both the DC and Mattel booths.

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WonderCon 2011 – Booth Babes and Cosplay

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I love that WonderCon is a local show for me. Toy Fair is a trek, and even though San Diego is a short hour and a half flight away, it’s great not to have to deal with airports and hotels to soak in some pop culture and toys. But one thing that’s definitely changed in the past couple of years is how many people are showing up to WonderCon. It doesn’t have nearly the space or exhibitors compared to San Diego Comic-Con, but it’s starting to match SDCC in terms of people density. And a lot of those people show up in costume.

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WonderCon 2011 – DC Universe Classics

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Continuing our coverage of WonderCon from last weekend, here’s the updates for DC Universe Classics. There were a couple of items I hadn’t seen in other than official press shots, and the official reveal was for the 2-up of Karate Kid for the upcoming Legion of Super-Heroes Mattycollector.com exclusive.

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WonderCon 2011 – ThunderCats Trailer

I was not able to attend the ThunderCats panel at WonderCon last weekend, but Warner Bros did send us the WonderCon trailer for the new show. My first thought from the opening scenes were that it felt very much like Avatar: The Last Airbender – then I noticed Ethan Spaulding in the press release – one of the producers from Avatar. Now my expectations are even higher.

I’m looking forward to the accompanying action figure series from Bandai. I’ve been thinking primarily about the 8-inch classic figures, but if the show is outstanding, I might have to pick up some of the toys that match up with the new animation style. I’ll reserve judgment, but the trailer is pretty good.

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WonderCon 2011 – Batman Legacy

Batman Legacy (1280x854).jpg

Continuing our coverage of Mattel’s display at WonderCon, here’s a look at the line-up of Batman Legacy, due out this fall. Featuring a mix of repaints, kitbashes, some new tooling and some completely new figures, this looks to be a line extension that will transition into movie toys for The Dark Knight Rises next year. While there’s some figures here that I can’t wait to get, I hope that this will transition into something more like Green Lantern Classics at the start of 2012, with more new figures of Batman and especially his rogues gallery.

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