AFP Ask Matty Round-Up for 5/1/11

Ok, we’re a few days behind for the latest Ask Matty Q&A, and these were from WonderCon. Thanks to the Mattel team for these answers.

1) Hurricane Hordak looks like a great quarterly bonus figure for Masters of the Universe Classics. Will his arm attachments be compatible with those from Roboto and Trap Jaw? What was the rationale behind including the dial on his back?

MOTUC (8) (1280x853).jpg

Yes, as announced at Wonder Con his attachments will indeed work like Trap Jaw or Roboto incase we ever want to do some re-decos down the road for a Weapon Pak.

2) Leech also looks fantastic. Will his suction cup hands be made of rubber – in other words will they be actual suction cups? Will he have the wrist hinges like Bow, for extra suction fun?

MOTUC (12) (1280x855).jpg

His hands will use the same plastic as the rest of his body (they will not be actual suction cups) but he will come with a net accessory that has actual suction cups. We are still working out what the articulation level will be.

3) We’re getting pretty close to the Green Lantern movie – have you seen it already? When are figures supposed to hit shelves? What are the retailer exclusives we should be keeping a lookout for?

From Toy Guru:

“I have not personally seen a final cut, but form what I hear it is shaping up to be amazing. Work is being done all the way until the last minute! The first mixes for all assortments will hit on May 1st

As announced on Facebook a few weeks back, Green Lantern will have the following skus:

  • Basic figures. Each basic figure comes with a construct accessory. The larger characters like Kilowog or Voz come with a “construct adaptor” letting their larger hand sink up with any standard size construct. There will be a total of 20 figures including a few Hal variants. But this is the bulk of your figure selection. Each figure also includes a kid sized ring.
  • Figure/Vehicles. 8 different “construct vehicles” (from and inspired by the film) which all transform between 2 modes with “ring activators” such as a pull string ring or a twist and unlock ring. This line will include Abin Sur’s escape pod, Hal’s mech suit, and Kilowog’s space cycle.
  • Deluxe Figures – BATTLE SHIFTERS. All of the Battle Shifter figures feature a transforming construct that instantly springs out (think plastic oragami) with one touch! Check out Tomar Re’s Scorpion Assault and Hal Jordan’s Capture Claw!
  • Galactic Scale 10 inch figures. Featuring Hal and Kilowog with light up rings and chest symbols. Each comes with a construct weapon.
  • Parallax Final Showdown. Hal vs the giant menace Parallax with grab and capture feature (awesome try me on this guy!)
  • Ring Blast Jet. This one won’t be out until the fall. It is a giant version of the deluxe Battle Shifters and springs out from Tank to Jet mode in seconds. Includes lights and sounds, firing projectiles and an awesome “in flight” Green Lantern figure!
  • Role Play mask and ring. Includes a light up ring!
  • Power Slingers. Instantly sling out a Green Lantern weapon like an axe or fist!
  • Colossal Cannon- Right from the GL movie- Hal’s cannon fires 10 discs and blasts out GL lights and sounds!
  • Movie Masters – highly detailed fully articulated 6″ scale figures from the GL Movie. 12 figures in the assortment, including 2 Hals. Collect 11 of the figures (you don’t need the second Hals, he comes with a die cast ring) to build a giant 14 inch Collect and Connect Parallax!

Only at Toys R Us:

  • Movie Masters 2 packs. Exclusive figures like Abin Sur ad redeco with re-releases. 2 in spring, 2 in fall.
  • 12″ Giants of Justice Green Lantern (I’ve been waiting YEARS to find a way to release this guy first shown at SDCC in 2009!). Comic style 12″ Green Lantern based on the Four Horsemen sculpt!
  • Ultimate Construct Pack – A 3 3/4″ Hal with 10 awesome constructs.
  • Green Lantern die Cast ring and key chain

Only at Wal-Mart:

  • GL Action League Mini collection. 6 different packs in movie and comic style.
  • GL Guardian 2 packs. Pairing of a redeco basic figure with an all new Guardian figure. Also includes Power Batter accessories! 6 packs in the assortment.
  • GL Battle Breakouts Helicopter. Split this construct helicopter into ten hand held construct weapons and build the helicopter again! Comes with an exclusive Hal Jordan in “comic book” inspired deco (i.e. he has white gloves in this deco!).

Only at Target:

  • Light up figures. 5 in the assortment, featuring light up chest and oversized construct.

Only at Kmart:

  • GL Capture Claw role play toy.
  • GL Basic Figure Test Pilot Pack – Hal and Martin Jordan in 3 3/4″ scale. Includes Ferris Air Parachute and Construct accessory.

Only on

  • GL Oversized Movie Masters

Larger characters like Kilowog ands Green Man in scale to the 6″ Movie Master retail line.

  • Ultimate Movie Master – $80.00

Talking 12″ Hal Jordan figure speaks the GL oath. Featuring the voice of Ryan Reynolds. Includes Power Ring. When you hold the ring close to the figure it “magically” ignites light up power up effects with light and sound.

We’ll have this one at SDCC to test out. Ya gotta see this one in person!

4) It was nice to see all the older Batman figures on display from the DC Super Heroes line. Do you think any of those figures will resurface in the Batman Legacy line? Are there more figures to still to be revealed?

Only time will tell. But there are quite a few we’d like to re-release in time.

5) Great showing at WonderCon! Now that you have two of the Collector Appreciation Tour stops under your belt, what have you thought about the turnout at the shows? Any thoughts about whether you’ll continue this next year?

We do hope to continue the tour in 2012, but right now we are concentrating on 2011 and gearing up for SDCC 2011. Once we are past this we can look at 2012 conventions!

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