Ask Matty Q&A Round-Up for 7/1

The Mattel team got the latest Q&A back to us yesterday afternoon, but I didn’t have time to post until this morning. I’ll blame the pile of loot that Big Bad Toy Store delivered, which included my set of DC Universe Classics wave 18. Amazing, and more to come!

1) A lot of us have been wondering how the new DC Universe comics relaunch due in September will be reflected in the DC Universe Classics line. When did you get wind of the changes? How has that affected the line-ups due out in 2012?

It has given us the opportunity to work some of the new looks into the line and refresh key characters. We are actually reworking some of our 2012 line up to take advantage of this! Stay tuned for more at SDCC!

2) First, a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive Voltron, and then the announcement of Club Lion Force. Cool! We know all the details will be revealed at SDCC, but we still want some info now. Will the items be priced similarly to Club Ecto-1 and Club Eternia? Monthly releases or less frequent?

Sorry, our lips are sealed until SDCC.

3) We were also hoping for a club announcement for Back to the Future. Will we be seeing BttF items at SDCC in addition to the Hot Wheels exclusive that will debut there?

At the earliest BTTF might be a fall 2012 line. It is still up in the air if Mattel will be doing skus beyond the Hot Wheels line. We are very excited about more toys such as action figures, but nothing beyond the 2011 HW items are confirmed at this time. More development time is needed due to the high tooling of a line like this (BTTF offers very little shared parts like we can do with DCU, GB or MOTU which makes it harder to tool and afford, but we are working on it!).

4) While we’re on the subject of clubs, why not have a club for DC Universe Classics? Is there just nothing left for when you’ve also got a mass market retail line?

It is something we are looking into. Stay tuned!

5) I was a little surprised not to see a WWE exclusive for SDCC, and there are a number of rumors floating around on the message boards. How’s the WWE Legends line doing with collectors and the broader market?

It is doing great and we will have more to announce at SDCC.

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