San Diego Comic-Con 2011 – Mattel DC Universe Classics Wave 20 and Club Infinite Earths


At Mattel’s DC Universe panel yesterday, they announced pretty nonchalantly that wave 20 of DC Universe Classics would be the last at retail and that they are launching (if they meet the pre-sales target) a direct to consumer subscription on called Club Infinite Earths. After the initial shock, it ┬ábecame more clear that this was *not* the end of DC Universe Classics, but rather that Mattel was taking advantage of the DCnU reboot at DC Comics to refresh the retail line.

A little more on that with the pics, and we’ll get to even more detail when we talk to the Four Horsemen and the Mattel team before the show closes.


I guess you can tell that the star of wave 20 for me is Green Lantern, who appears in his Brightest Day costume. It’s not that I’m a fan of Brightest Day (it lost me after a handful of issues) – it’s that we’ve got here a hooded Green Arrow that has some awesome details.

Red Arrow has gone through some pretty dramatic changes in the comics since he wore this costume, but I’m glad they went this route for him. For Reverse Flash, Hawk and Dove, and the Collect & Connect Nekron, I think they hit all the right notes. They will reveal the last two figures, Sinestro in his Sinestro Corps costume and Flash in his White Lantern costume, at New York Comic Con.

I also expect them to reveal the details around the refresh for the DCUC line then too, since NYCC occurs right around the time that Mattel and the other toy manufacturers are dealing with the big box retail buyers. I hope they don’t fiddle too much with the formula – because if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it – but the team was a little elusive when asked for details like if they will continue the C&C. When asked if the Four Horsemen were on the new line, the answer was “We love working with the Four Horsemen.” A simple “Yes” would have been more definitive, but maybe there’s still some moving pieces.


For those of you wondering why Jay Garrick wasn’t in the recently revealed wave 19 JSA line-up, Club Infinite Earths is the answer. Atrocitus is another figure that for now has a DC Direct stand-in in my collection, but I’ll be glad to replace with a more articulated DCUC version – as long as he’s big enough. That can be hard to tell from the 2-ups. Starman will be a nice team extender for Legion or JSA fans.

A subscription that will run for 9 months, Club Infinite Earths will include 6 regular-sized figures, 3 oversized figures, and 1 oversized Club Exclusive that will be determined by a Fan’s Choice poll. If Metron doesn’t win that, I’ll set the rest of my New Gods on fire (I won’t really do that.) They hinted strongly that we’d see more Metal Men and Doom Patrol in the subscription too.

All this will start in April next year – if they get enough subscriptions. So sign up for a Club Infinite Earths subscription now!

5 thoughts on “San Diego Comic-Con 2011 – Mattel DC Universe Classics Wave 20 and Club Infinite Earths”

  1. Does anyone know if Starman will come with an alternate, non-hooded head? I really, really hope so, as I would love to have him join the other 12 Legionnaires we’ll be getting. I know it’s an additional sculpt, but just seems like a no-brainer to do two.

  2. I’m uneasy without a definitive answer to the Four Horsemen staying “on board” with Mattel and DCUC.
    If they drop the Horsemen, I drop Mattel.

    Also, the Jay Garrick, Flash, should not be the Flash from #123 and beyond. He should have been the GOLDEN AGE FLASH that goes with our other JSA figures.

    If DCUC is trying to upset the fans, they are FINALLY doing it with me. I’ve spoken out in their(DCUC’s) behalf many times on the web. I’ve been supportive of the line and bought a great number of the figures,— but they are “pushing” me with these two decisions.

    I hope for some clarification BEFORE the NYCC. I want clarity about the 4 Horsemen especially!! …..Mattel???


  3. So the only way to complete the Doom Patrol and Metal Men is to agree to buy a whole bunch of other toys you may or may not want? That’s the plan??

    Look, I’m sure they didn’t have a choice on this new direction for the DCUC line at retail, and maybe they were all set to complete those 2 teams by the end of their original 25 waves, but that just blows.

  4. OK, so this is the last wave at retail. so someone clear this up for me, is there going to be a wave 21 or not? and if so, where would i have to get it?

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