Mattel Sneak Peek at 2012 DC Universe All-Stars Relaunch

Mattel provided a tiny sneak peek on at what’s in store for retail in 2012. DC Universe Classics will be relaunched as DC Universe All-Stars, picking up the tag for re-released figures in the Classics line that came with stands instead of Collect and Connect pieces. It’s a fitting name, since we’re seeing a re-release with Batman Beyond and the removal of the Collect and Connect altogether.

We saw Larfleeze at New York Comic Con, but I’m a little surprised at the rest of the line-up here. I had expected one of the big guns in their updated DCnU looks, since Mattel had referenced DCnU back at San Diego Comic-Con when it announced that it would be revamping its retail line. My for-fun-only theory is that these figures were hold-overs from an unofficially themed wave of Geoff Johns-inspired characters (Larfleeze, Superboy Prime in his Anti-Monitor armor, and Flashpoint Plastic Man are all from comics Johns wrote), and that we’ll see DCnU and Jim Lee-inspired costumes in the next wave.

2012 DC Universe All-Stars Sneak Peek

DC Universe Fans,

As you know, the DC Universe Classics line is finishing up at retail with the highly anticipated Wave 20, including the Fans Choice Collect and Connect® Nekron. Then, following Wave 20, well introduce a completely new DC Universe 6″ line at retail, the DC Universe All-Stars. Designed especially to complement the DC Universe Club Infinite Earths figures, this new line will blow your collector mind!

You first saw Larfleeze at New York Comic Con. Heres another look at him, plus your first official sneak peek at the rest of the figures from the first mix at retail…

  • Larfleeze: The wielder of orange light finally joins the DC Universe! This collection-essential figure builds out the Corps.
  • Superboy Prime: The only super-powered being on Earth Prime, he comes complete with his Anti-Monitor armor.
  • Flashpoint Plastic Man: Check out this edgy new version of Plastic Man from the popular Flashpoint comics.
  • Batman Beyond: Behold our sweet take on the iconic Caped Crusader.

So there they are – the four amazing figures that make up the first mix at retail. Its been an awesome year for the DC Universe line and with the DC Universe Club Infinite Earths program on and the DC Universe All-Stars line at retail, 2012 is going to be even better!


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8 thoughts on “Mattel Sneak Peek at 2012 DC Universe All-Stars Relaunch”

  1. That line-up is lack-luster, so far. I’m not impressed, at all!! And what’s with the re-release of Batman Beyond Batman? Wasn’t he a bigtime peg-warmer to begin with?

  2. Meh! They really need to give Batman Beyond his wings and I would consider picking him up (AGAIN). The rest are pretty much a pass. Who put this wave together? It’s like they’re trying to sink the line while it’s still in dry dock!

  3. The masked Batman Beyond goes for a lot on Ebay.

    Larfleeze and Prime look good(hopefully Prime has a Sinestro Corps variant), but Plastic Man is a weird choice and a bland-looking figure compared to the Comic-Con version.

  4. Lame. They couldn’t have put a worse wave together if they tried to. I agree that it seems like they’re TRYING to kill the line. Give us an All-Star Plastic Man based on the Comicon release instead.

  5. If BB has wings, I’m in.

    I have classic plas, so the FP one is a pass. I would think they would have done a FP Batman if anyone first.

  6. I’m a completist but will pass on plastic man. I like my dc direct orange and red lanterns just fine. Superboy needs to be a yellow lantern. So what;s left? Lots of bad calls here guys.

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