Masters of the Universe Classics, DC Universe Classics Wave 18, Justice League Unlimited and More On Sale 11/15

It’s a pretty big sale day tomorrow (and for the next couple of weeks) at On the Masters of the Universe Classics front, you’ve got fan favorite Snout Spout and She-Ra’s Swiftwind as the Club Eternia subscription figures. And don’t forget to get Bubble Power She-Ra, who is not part of the sub, if you want a She-Ra that can actually ride Swiftwind. This She-Ra can be combined with the original release for the classic look with updated articulation.

On the DC front, DC Universe Classics Wave 18 is also on sale today as individual figures, and in what I can only characterize as an end of year clearance, Retro Action DC Super Heroes and Justice League Unlimited are out in force. All the JLU 4-packs are priced to move, as long as you can get 9 or more of your closest collector friends in on the deal. 🙂

And for your convenience, here’s the handy dandy link to the bundle page for the November sale.

11/15 SALES: Huge Regular November Sale & Unbelievable JLU Discounts

Toy Fans,

Oh man, I hope you’re ready for this! Our November 15th sale is jam-packed with awesome products you’ve been waiting for, like a JLU 7-pack, Wave 18 and, as selected by fan vote, the handsome Swiftwind™ in white. But we didn’t stop there… in fact, we’ve added a very special sale just for Justice League Unlimited fans that you won’t believe! Read on for all the details.

November 15th Sale

First, let’s start with our regular sale. Arrive at 9 a.m. PT on Tuesday, November 15th, and you find a trio of long-awaited MOTUC figures, a collection-completing JLU 7-pack, and all of the Wave 18 figures you’ll need to create the Collect and Connect® figure Apache Chief.

  • MOTUC Snout Spout™ (Club Eternia® Figure of the Month, included with 2011 subscriptions)
  • MOTUC Swiftwind™ (Club Eternia® “quarterly beast” figure, included with 2011 subscriptions)
  • MOTUC Bubble Power™ She-Ra® (not included with 2011 subscriptions)
  • JLU 7-pack (Gypsy, Crimson Avenger, Johnny Thunder, Thunderbolt w/stand, Dr. Mid-Nite, Speedy, The Creeper)
  • DCU Classics Wave 18 Toyman
  • DCU Classics Wave 18 Black Vulcan
  • DCU Classics Wave 18 Samurai
  • DCU Classics Wave 18 El Dorado
  • DCU Classics Wave 18 Captain Boomerang
  • DCU Classics Wave 18 Bronze Tiger Classic

There’s also great news for subscribers of Club Eternia®… open your Snout Spout™ package and you’ll find a special bonus sticker sheet featuring the MOTU teams! This sticker sheet is a subscriber-only freebie and orders placed on the day of the sale won’t come with the sticker sheet.

Hang on, because we’re not done yet… you’ll also be able to get six fan-favorite Retro-Action® figures all in one fell swoop! A complete set makes the perfect holiday gift for your favorite 8″ collector (especially if that happens to be you!).

  • Retro-Action® DC Super Heroes “Shazam!”
  • Retro-Action® DC Super Heroes Black Adam
  • Retro-Action® DC Super Heroes Martian Manhunter
  • Retro-Action® DC Super Heroes Darkseid
  • Retro-Action® DC Super Heroes Superman™
  • Retro-Action® DC Super Heroes Batman™

November Subscription Information

If you’re a subscription holder, here’s the rundown of charges and key dates for November:

  • Club Eternia®: Snout Spout™ $20, Swiftwind™ $30 = $50 total
  • Club Ecto-1: No subscription figure = $0 total
  • Subscription Combo (2 Eternia®, 0 Ecto-1): $50 total

Please remember that if you have multiple subscriptions, you’ll need to multiply each of those amounts by the number of subscriptions you have. Shipping costs, taxes and fees are additional and vary depending on location and shipping method you choose.

Your card will be charged 5 calendar days before the on-sale date, so plan to have funds available by Thursday, November 10, 2011. Subscription orders will begin shipping 2 business days before the on-sale date, which will be Friday, November 11, 2011.

Justice League Unlimited Sale 11/15 – 11/28

Alright, JLU fans, this is your chance to pick up all your favorite collection-essential figures at ridiculously low prices! The sale starts Tuesday, November 15th at 9 a.m. PT and ends Monday November 28th at 11:59 p.m. PT. At these prices, they’re bound to go faster than you can say “The Flash” so get there early for best selection!

  • JLU Darkseid & Kalibak 2-Pack Was $25, Now $12
  • JLU Parademon 2-Pack Was $25, Now $12
  • JLU 3-Pack Featuring The Flash, Green Lantern & Hawkman Was $20, Now $10
  • JLU 3-Pack Featuring Adam Strange, Animal Man & Star Man Was $20 Now $10
  • JLU S.T.R.I.P.E. Was $20, Now $10

Want more? How about this… the regular price for a JLU 4-pack is already a great deal at $30 per pack. For this special sale, buy 10 packs and you’ll pay only $12 each (plus shipping & taxes). And if you buy 20 packs, they’ll be just $10 each. Better yet, buy 30 packs and you’ll pay the crazy-low price of only $8 per pack! Yes, you read that right – $8 for a pack of four figures! Gather your friends and combine your orders because as long as one person orders and the order ships to one address, you can get them in any combination and the discount applies!

These are the packs that qualify for this insane deal:

  • JLU “Shazam!” Family 4-Pack
  • JLU Legion of Super Heroes 4-Pack
  • JLU Gotham City Criminals 4-Pack
  • JLU Justice Guild 4-Pack
  • JLU Doom Patrol 4-Pack

And here’s a summary of the pricing (plus shipping & taxes):

  • Buy 10 packs, pay $12 each
  • Buy 20 packs, pay $10 each
  • Best Deal! Buy 30 packs, pay $8 each

Again, both sales start Tuesday, November 15th at 9 a.m. Pacific (12 noon Eastern). Click here to register for an email reminder, or get them on Facebook, Twitter and in our Fan Forums. Until then, rest up, toy fans, because this is gonna BIG!


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  1. Probably just stating the obvious here, but why did the JLU 7-pack get priced at $55 (PLUS $10 shipping), when the 6-packs sold at retail for $29.99? Way to show some fan appreciation, Matty! You know we’ll buy these BECAUSE WE HAVE TO, and I did, but now I’m ready to say enough is enough; JLU is done, DCU classics sucks now… No thank you. Does anyone else feel the same way here?

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