ThreeA Toys – The Yellow Hornets Action Portable Four-Pack


Sweet! Here are shots of ThreeA’s The Yellow Hornets, which is the mass release equivalent of the very limited SDCC 2011 Exclusive TK Unleashed set (which had red track suits). I was very happy that ThreeA offered this set after the Con, as I missed out on the TK Unleashed set.


I had a lot of fun with these guys even though I don’t know a lot about the Tomorrow Kings of Ashley Wood’s Popbot world.

Poseability is top-notch, and the yellow track suits are well executed, they don’t hinder the articulation of these 1/12 scale figures at all.

All four figures are the same sculpt, with hair color being the only difference between them. Since I didn’t have much of a backstory to go with these guys, aside from the fact that they’re some sort of boy band, I tried to give them their own personalities through how they wear their clothes.


Each figure comes with two swords with a scabbard for each.


Check out the tank top underneath the jacket!


I’m really impressed with the tailoring of their outfits. I’m not too big a fan of soft goods on action figures, but ThreeA sure knows how to do it right.


I got the set for $65.oo when it was up at Bambaland after the ‘Con, which is actually a good price for ThreeA 1/12 scale figures. Ebay’s your best bet if you want to acquire these guys, and I do recommend keeping an eye out for future ThreeA releases as the Tomorrow Kings get a lot of different incarnations using the same awesome figure sculpt.

Thanks for looking!