WebSwipe: ThreeA Toys at the 7th ACG Comics & Games Expo

3A Toys Adventure Kartel Shit Got Real Fighting JC

3A Toys posted some pics of the ACG Comics & Games Expo, shared by some of the visitors to their booth. I’ve nabbed a handful of shots, but click through for the full album from Dennis Chau, Arman Yuen, Larry Hui, Edmond Tsoi, and Terence Tam.

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ThreeA Toys Action Portable SXCLB Set Up for Pre-Order Now

ankouparade Pink3

3A Toys has put up a surprise drop for a 1/12 scale Action Portable 2-pack of the risque SXCLB set, released previously in 1/6 scale. They posted a comparison picture of the pink Ankou from the set with the recently released 10 Finger Gang. The picture with Little Shadow and the Ankou is from the 1/6 set – so far no shots of her in 1/12 scale. The set is up for $120 at Bambaland.

Not sure how long it will remain up, but previous 1/12 sets have gone for a couple of days.

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ThreeA Toys Reveals Adventure Kartel Dead Easy Corp War-Zomb 3-Pack


I’ve already got some War Zombs in 1/12 scale and dig them, so here’s another toy budget-breaking 3A Toys set on the horizon. Somehow Dead Easy Corp hitting all the right sweet spots for me. Sure, it’s got the Zombs. But it also is hitting on that Band of Brothers Easy Company vibe. With zombies. And then there’s Sgt. Rock and Easy Company. With zombies.

This set is supposed to drop some time in September. Private Cornowski, Corporal Veal Edwards, and Sergeant Sweatbread Jones will be mine.

ThreeA Toys Action Portable Civil Offensive 3 Ankou EX 3-Pack on Bambaland Now

THE CIVIL OFFENSIVE Ankou EX 3pack apankouexwave1

The second part of the Action Portable 1/12 scale Ankou EX pre-order is up on Bambalandstore today. On Friday last week, 3A Toys listed Fatty Drown, the single Ankou. Today, we’ve got the Civil Offensive 3-pack, featuring Laurent, Med-EX, and Shadow-EX. These are massive compared to the Zombs from AP, for example – that helps account for the price, which is $175 for all three.

ThreeA Toys Action Portable Fatty Drown Surprise Drop on Bambaland Now

fattydrown apankouexwave1

The first of the 3A Toys Action Portable Ankou EX figures is up for pre-order on Bambalandstore.com right now. That’s Fatty Drown in all black, and he’s $75. This is somewhat of a surprise, as the details of the sale had not been announced in advance. However, they did say a while back that Fatty and the Civil Offensive 3-pack would be on sale in May – maybe the suddenness of this drop is to partially make good on that, even though most 3A fans are used to the operation running a little loose.

These are cool looking and in my preferred 6-inch scale, but it may take some convincing for me to pick up Fatty and the rest, whenever they go on sale. I know I’m risking missing out on Fatty completely, because this has been touted as a limited sale – no guarantees how long the pre-order window will last.

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