Quick Pic – Judge Dredd vs Judge Death and 3A Zombs

I saw Dredd 3D a couple of weekends ago and liked it very much, despite some excessive use of slow-mo – I am referring to the visual technique vs. the Slow-Mo drug that is central to the plot. And speaking of plot, the movie plays out much like a video game – after all, it follows Judge Dredd and Anderson through (was it 300?) levels of a Mega-complex, as they work their way to the final boss. Even with these flaws, the movie packs some great action and Karl Urban’s characterization of Judge Dredd is right on the money.

For a more informed and well-formulated opinion, please see Dredd – Urban Justice Is Served! by Jedd-the-Jedi at FwooshFlix.com.

Seeing the movie reminded me of Toy Biz’s last hurrah with Legendary Comic Book Heroes – I think their Judge Dredd is the top of the heap of that too-short-lived series. I did a little repaint work of the gold portions of Dredd’s costume, using silver paint and clear yellow from Tamiya, and also hit up the Lawmaster with some silver, gunmetal, and clear red. I would have loved to get the remaining Dark Judges to accompany Judge Death, but in their absence, the Action Portable Zombs from 3A Toys make some appropriate companions.

For those of you who prefer your pictures a little less artistically blurry, here’s a second version and the one I took to eventually update Facebook.

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  1. Thanks for the shoutout Ron! Yeah, LCBH lasted way too short. It was a great way to see characters not from the ‘big guns’ like Marvel and DC see the light of action figure day.

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