SDCC 2015: ThreeA Toys Expands Presence at Comic-Con

SDCC 2015 3A Toys - Exclusives

In past San Diego Comic-Cons, 3A Toys has shared booth space with IDW. With the clamor for their exclusives, this has led to some funny situations. At the top of the list was the year the 3A line for exclusives wrapped around the entire IDW booth, effectively blocking out a George R.R. Martin signing for IDW. This was before his fame extended into the mainstream with the HBO Game of Thrones show, so some of the guys in line were asking stuff like, “Who is that Old Man Gimli cosplayer and why is he shaking his Sharpie at us?”

That’s changed this year, with IDW helping 3A to secure nearby booth #2743 so they could have their own dedicated space. And 3A has upped their game by planning more exclusives available at the show.

One of the benefits of having his own company is that Ashley Wood gets to make what he likes. It’s great fun to see what he comes with, but as his tastes have veered to more eclectic selections like the Isobelle Pascha hyper-sexualized line or forays into new scales like the 3AGO / MEGO tribute 8-inch scale, my own tendency to purchase is down. Another case in point, for the 2000 AD line, now firmly ensconced in 1/12 scale, his choices for exclusives are the Gronk from Strontium Dog, and Judge Fish from Judge Dredd.

Personally, I’d have liked to see some of the bigger hitters from 2000 AD get made, as the line has had many fits and starts. I don’t think Gronk and Judge Fish will register with most Con-goers these days. Then again, Wood has never been concerned with mass market appeal for his toys.

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ThreeA Toys “Stormtrooper” and More up for Pre-Order

3A Toys Tomorrow Kings Lost Warrior

3A Toys has a sales event underway, aptly named, “Do You Remember?” I can remember way back in 2011, when Ashley Wood was pitching his vision for new Star Wars toys from 3A. In an uncharacteristic fashion, their prototypes for Stormtrooper and Boba Fett were straight up renditions of the characters that were devoid of Wood’s unique style. Of course, this was before Hasbro launched the Star Wars Black Series, doing it themselves.

Among the items up for pre-order now are two Stormtroopers, re-envisioned as Tomorrow Kings in the 1/6 scale. They have helmets and blasters reminiscent of Star Wars, but the rest has got the unmistakable 3A style. Additionally, there are a few Popbot 1/6 scale characters and the Robo-Hunter Same Slade from 2000 A.D. in 1/12 scale up for pre-order at Bambaland.

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ThreeA Toys Judge Death Up for Pre-Order Now

3A Toys Judge Death 5

3A Toys has held its 2000 A.D. license for several years now, but they’ve released figures more slowly than we’d like. In 2010, they released Tharg, followed by ABC Warriors Mongrol and Ro-Jaws in 2011 and 2012, respectively. Today’s pre-order for Judge Death marks their launch into the more widely known Judge Dredd domain and their transition to the 1/12 scale for 2000 A.D. (Tharg was a 1/6 scale figure, and the ABC Warriors came in both 1/6 and 1/12 scales.)

Judge Death features a new 3A super-articulated body, fabric apps, and will come in two colorways – a standard colored version and a 3A-exclusive “classic comic” grey-scale. Both versions of the 3A Toys Judge Death are available for pre-order at Bambaland for $60 each. Dredd and Hammerstein have been teasssssssed as the next figures in the pipeline.

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Mezco One:12 Collective Judge Dredd Available to Pre-Order


Mezco kicks off our weekend with a closer look at their upcoming One:12 Collective Judge Dredd. We got our first look at the One:12 Dredd at New York Comic Con. It’s great to see another look at the details, but I am still wondering how the fabric apps will hold up on the figure with more action-oriented poses. The Dark Knight Batman is further along in development, and that’s looking pretty good so far.

When we talked to Mez at San Diego Comic-Con, he said they were developing a 1/12 scale Lawmaster to go with this figure. I really hope that comes to fruition. The One:12 Judge Dredd is up for pre-order at Mezco for $65.

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Toy Soul 2014 (Hong Kong): ThreeA Toys Booth Pics

3A Toys at Toy Soul 2014 (Hong Kong) 10

While we’re talking about 3A Toys, they recently shared pics of the 3A Toys booth at Toy Soul show in Hong Kong. I’ve reposted a few here, including their upcoming 1/12 scale Judge Death. It’s interesting that 2000 A.D. has a couple concurrent licensing deals. In addition to 3A, Mezco showed off their 1/12 scale Judge Dredd at NYCC. It’ll be interesting to see how much overlap there’ll be between the two licensees, both of whose figures I love.

All I can say is that neither company is making these figures fast enough for my liking, although the 3A Toys Judge Death does go up for pre-order next week. While it’s beautiful, I’m not sure if it’s a must-buy for me – I’m still plenty pleased with the Judge Death we got a few years ago in Legendary Comic Book Heroes from Marvel Toys (Toy Biz).

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