Toy Fair 2013: Four Horsemen Reveal Power Lords 2-Ups

The Power Lords were front and center at the Four Horsemen’s Toypocalypse event tonight.

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I was telling Hagop tonight that I have no recollection of the Power Lords, and he made the hurtful suggestion that maybe I was just too old. When the Four Horsemen announced the license, I looked at the old ads featuring the figures – since I didn’t have the nostalgic connection I had a hard time envisioning the brand as something that I’d want for myself.

These two-ups, though, are just really smart looking. I really like the re-imagined designs and the color palette. I’m very glad they separated the figures instead of trying to incorporate the “flip the figure for the powered-up guy” feature. The 4H style is unmistakeable. In that sense I wish these were going to be 6-inches instead of 4-inches, just because they look like they’d look great standing next to some DC Universe Classics figures.

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