Toy Fair 2013: Four Horsemen to Kickstart Fantastic Exclusive Ravens

Talked to Cornboy briefly at Toypocalypse tonight – the Four Horsemen will be launching a Kickstarter campaign to finally get the Fantastic Exclusive Ravens into our hands.

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I’ve got to admit – I’m a bit of a crowdfunding fanatic, and I am regularly looking for cool projects to back on Kickstarter. So when I saw the green Kickstarter logo next to 2-ups of a new set of Ravens and variants, I was pretty enthused. In the past, the Four Horsemen were able to fund the production of the Fantastic Exclusive Seventh Kingdom and Gothitropolis figures, with a little assistance from some of the toy sites and retailers. At the Fwoosh, we were pretty excited to participate in two of those waves.

In the years that followed, though, the economics to self-fund a super-articulated line grew too onerous, and the 4H focused on smaller, less articulated figures like the Outer Space Men. But the Ravens remained near and dear to their hearts, and with the advent of crowdfunding, they believe they’ve found a way to get these made.

They showed eleven figures, including the fanboy-inspired minotaur / duck mashup, but at this point haven’t decided what will be included in the Kickstarter campaign. There’s still discussions on whether some of the variants belong in Seventh Kingdom or Gothitropolis. While some folks might have a stake in one or the other, to me it makes no difference – just get these birds made!

4 thoughts on “Toy Fair 2013: Four Horsemen to Kickstart Fantastic Exclusive Ravens”

  1. I love the Phoenix and I’ve wanted the cardinal for my brother for a while. I’m intrigued by the Kickstarter idea, although I wonder how they’re going to pull off a toyline like that, with different tiers and stuff. I’m in for those 2, but I’m not going to fund the whole set just to get them, you know?

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