Four Horsemen NYCC Exclusive Outer Space Men and Power Lords Staggered Sale Starting Today

Four Horsemen NYCC exclusive Outer Space Men and Power Lords 1 Four Horsemen NYCC exclusive Outer Space Men and Power Lords 2

The NYCC exclusives from the Four Horsemen go on sale at StoreHorsemen in a couple of hours this afternoon, starting with the Outer Space Men at 3PM EST. This will be followed by a Fan Club-only 48-hour window for the Power Lords at 3PM EST tomorrow. And if there’s any remaining in stock, the Power Lords sale opens up to everyone at 3PM EST on Saturday.

They’ve made it clear that this time there’ll be no additional inventory made. So when these sell out, they’re gone, and any sales accidentally made over the allotted inventory will be canceled. So bear with the store potentially crapping out on you and get that sale done. And if you’re not a member of the Power Lords Fan Club, maybe now is the time to get signed up. Good luck and happy shopping!

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Four Horsemen Reveal NYCC Power Lords Ggrapptikk Grunts Exclusives

If you’re not headed to NYCC, then you’ll get your chance at the That is, if there’s stock left over from members of the Power Lords Fan Club, who will get first dibs when these go online – if you are into Power Lords, then the fan club is the best bet for getting your hands on the exclusives. So consider this fair warning – I would be surprised if the Four Horsemen extend another Power Lords exclusives pre-order, like they did after Power-Con.


2013 New York Comic Con! Onell Design’s booth – #102! Saturday, October 12th 1pm to 4pm! Power Lords: Ggrapptikk Grunts figures! Two versions! Extremely limited supplies! Poly-bagged, stickered and numbered! $13 each or both versions for $25!

Four Horsemen NYCC exclusive Power Lords Ggrapptikk Grunts

The first variant figures to be released of the Power Lord’s fan favorite character, Ggripptogg, these two Ggrapptikk Grunts feature multiple points of articulation as well as modular playability via the amazing Onell Design’s Glyos “pop & play” system! Each comes with his massive Mega-Mace also featuring Glyos compatible modularity. If you remember the Power Lords: Power Solder & Elite Solder that were shared exclusives for the 2013 Power Con and Store Horsemen from a few weeks back, then you know that you need to get to the Onell Design booth early or you’ll miss out!

The Ggrapptikk Grunts will be available for purchase at Store a couple days after the end of the 2013 New York Comic Con on October 13th at 3pm, but ONLY if there’s remaining stock left after the Power Lords Fan Club members 48 hour pre-sale window. Power Lords Fan Club members also get 10% off the purchase of these figures through ONLY. To join the Power Lords Fan Club, just go to

via FourHorsemen ToyDesign.

Power-Con 2013 Pics by ActionFiguresRule


Once again, I wasn’t able to go to Power-Con, which was held a couple weekends ago. Luckily for me, our buddy Richard, aka ActionFiguresRule, from the MATRIX Photo Booth and AFR Studio sent us over a hundred pics he snapped at the event.

There’s cosplay, internet and media personalities, Masters of the Universe Classics, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and the Four Horsemen properties – Gothitropolis Ravens, Power Lords, and Outer Space Men. Richard even captured portions of the Power-Con auction and cosplay contest. Fun stuff!

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Miss Out on the Power Lords Exclusives from Power-Con? The Four Horsemen Have You Covered

Power Lords - Power Soldier Pwer Lords - Elite Power Soldier

It’s moves like this that make the Four Horsemen fan favorites among toy collectors – after a crazy four minute sell-out of the Power-Con Power Lords exclusive Power Solder and Elite Power Soldiers (that’s a lot of “power” in one sentence), they’ve announced that they’re going back to manufacturing to make more. And to make sure no one’s left out, they’ll have a pre-order window that will stay open, and they’ll make however many more needed to meet the demand.

But after this, the Power Soldiers won’t die, but they’ll fade away, forever. Don’t miss this second chance – order between September 19th at 3PM EST (that’s tomorrow!) and September 22nd at 3PM EST at

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Four Horsemen Power Lords to Debut at Power-Con with Two Exclusives

The Four Horsemen have sold some test shots of their retro reboot line of Power Lords, but the first actual production figures will debut this weekend at Power-Con. There’ll be two Power Lords to pick up – regular and elite versions of the Power Soldiers.

The Glyos compatibility will add to the playability of this line – I’m sure folks with other Glyos figures will enjoy adding parts with human features and proportions.

Not going to Power-Con? Don’t fret – you’ll be able to pick these up at the Store Horsemen this upcoming Monday, the day after Power-Con has concluded.



Power Lords - Power Soldier Pwer Lords - Elite Power Soldier

“Here are a couple shots of the Power Soldiers we’ll be selling at Power Con during the show and on Store Horsemen the Monday after the show. Each fully articulated and Glyos compatible figure will be 4″ scale, will come in numbered poly-bags, will come with both the staff and rifle, and will be $10.00 each with no limits on amounts purchased.”

For more information on Power-Con which will be happening September 14 – 15, 2013 at Torrance Marriott South Bay on 3635 Fashion Way, Torrance, California 90503 follow this link:


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