Iron Man Movie Hall of Armors Infographic and Hot Toys Poll

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We found this great infographic in our inbox about the Iron Man armors portrayed in the three Iron Man movies and the Avengers. It shows enough factoids about each to perhaps extend the Trivial Pursuit line to include an Iron Man edition. Oddly, the Mark 42 is notably absent from the list. The Iron Man infographic is from Costume Discounters, of all places. I guess they would like to do a brisk business in Iron Man and other super hero costumes, and I wish them the best of luck.

The last portion of the infographic shows the new Iron Man 3 armors revealed before the movie opened (minus the Mark 42 of course). And we know Hot Toys is working off this list, since they’ve already announced the Iron Patriot, War Machine, Red Snapper, Heart Breaker and Igor as upcoming releases.

It got me thinking, which of the three remaining armors will they make next? But more importantly, which do you want next?

I think I already know, but let’s see what you guys have to say. Of course, there’s a ton more armors featured in the movie (spoiler, if you somehow managed to miss all of the Iron Man previews they showed in the last few months), so this list will probably grow even longer – anyone know a site that lists them all?

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