MattyCollector Early Access Open for May Sale – Will Spirit of Hordak Frustrate Fans? May Sale

Toy Guru promised to make Early Access worthwhile to subscribers, and as it opens this morning I wonder if he it’s working out in practice. For one, there have been a couple of last minute changes – sometimes the emails and news updates on the site are inconsistent. Like this month, the email referenced the Masters of the Universe Classics Evil-Lyn, but at the last minute they’ve switched to Stinkor. And, for the most part, Early Access has been limited to older MOTUC figures that long-time collectors already have.

Of course, that changed when the convention exclusive MOTUC Strobo came and went in Early Access in about five minutes, causing lots of subscribers to scream bloody murder. And chances are good that we’re heading for another one of those this morning.

Update: Early Access got a late start. Spirit of Hordak was available for about 5 minutes – sold out now. By the clock on my laptop he was up for grabs from 8:13 – 8:18AM PST. Let us know if you were able to pick one up!

Spirit-of-Hordak-1 Spirit-of-Hordak-2 Spirit-of-Hordak-3

Mattel has actually made a chase figure for Masters of the Universe Classics. Of course, it’s to draw more visits to the MattyCollector site, and now it’s a “benefit” to subscribers who can try to get him this morning. I can only expect that the folks who keep subscribing to Club Eternia will feel quite enraged if we see another Strobo-like sell-out this morning – enraged at the hypocrisy of having a chase figure when all along the selling point for the Club Eternia subscription was being guaranteed everything in the line.

If you want to try your luck getting the elusive Spirit of Hordak, here’s the link to Early Access (for subscribers only) and here’s the link to the bundle page for the May MattyCollector sale, for your convenience tomorrow.

5/15 EA Update: Stinkor® In, Evil-Lyn® Out
New Sprit of Hordak™ Chase Figure Announced

Toy Fans,

We’ve got important updates to Early Access for May, including the announcement of our new Spirit of Hordak™ figure! Read on for everything you need to know…

First up, Evil-Lyn® has completely sold out and is now “gone for good.” Never fear, though, Stinkor® is joining Slush Head® in Early Access to ensure the Eternian villain population remains well represented.

Second, did you hear about our new “chase” figure? Toy collecting is all about the thrill of the hunt and with that in mind, we just released the first ever MOTUC chase figure, Spirit of Hordak™! He’ll appear unannounced in our Shop throughout the year so everyone will have a chance to find him. And if you’re a subscriber, we’ll have a small amount available during Early Access starting 5/14 at 8 a.m. PT. He’s subject to sellout during Early Access (purchase limit has been reduced to four per subscriber) and won’t be available to the public on 5/15, but watch for his logo in the Shop – you never know when he’ll sneak back in.

So with Spirit of Hordak™ and Stinkor® in for Early Access and Evil-Lyn® out, here’s the updated product availability for May:

May Early Access

  • Starts Tues 5/14 at 8am PT and ends Weds 5/15 at 8am PT (subscribers only)
  • Products Available: Spirit of Hordak™, Stinkor®, Slush Head® (subject to Early Access sellout)

May 15th Monthly Sale

Again, please note that Spirit of Hordak™ will not be available to the public on May 15 but keep an eye out because he will definitely be back in our Shop!


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  1. I ordered the Flash specifically for the fact that it was Wally West and I really liked what they did with the figure to stand-out from the DCU Classics Barry Allen Flash.

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