Marvel Avengers Assemble (Successor to Marvel Universe) In Stock at Amazon

Marvel Avengers Assemble Cosmic Strike Red Skull Figure Marvel Avengers Assemble Inferno Cannon Black Widow Figure Marvel Avengers Assemble Sky Attack Falcon Figure

The first wave of the new Marvel Avengers Assemble line is in stock now at Amazon. Avengers Assemble is the result of Hasbro’s brand refresh for the Marvel Universe line. It’s intended to match Marvel Universe in terms of sculpt, articulation, and paint, while making it more accessible for both retailers and kids – the line leverages the success of the Avengers movie, and includes accessories with action features.

I’d say the first wave is a fair example of what to expect. With the collector-oriented figures we see the sculpt and articulation we have grown to love in MU – for example, Falcon comes with rocker ankles, hip swivels, and double knees. The more heavily packed big hitters of Captain America, Iron Man, and Hulk are not as compelling. I think Hasbro knows it needs only appeal to the lowest common denominator with them, and aren’t trying as hard.

4 thoughts on “Marvel Avengers Assemble (Successor to Marvel Universe) In Stock at Amazon”

  1. Will get Red Skull and The Leader. Will be interesting seeing who else they bring out. Hyperion was in Avengers Assemble this week so I suspect he will make this line rather than Universe.

  2. I don’t think this is the rebranding.  I think this is an animated line based on the TV series “Avengers Assemble”.  Just look at the line-up.

  3. This isn’t the rebranded mu. This is the avengers assemble line that we knew about already. Pease get your information right. These are showing up now when the HASBRO team clearly said the avengers mu line would not start until 2014 with it being turned into Xmen in 2015. Again please get your info right if your going to report stuff.

  4. thanks for the comments about whether this is rebranded MU. while Scott and Spacemonkeymafia seem sure this isn’t it, I’m going by what Hasbro told me while I was standing in the booth at SDCC. granted, we were standing about 15 feet away from the display, but the rep did point them out. it’s also consistent with what the brand manager and designer told us about the rebranding when we interviewed them.
    regardless, whether it’s the MU rebranding or not, these figures are the kind of collector-oriented product we should be expecting in 3 3/4 inch scale as the MU brand phases out. you guys ok with me characterizing it that way?

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