Are You Subbing? Masters of the Universe Classics Club 200X On Sale Starting Today

The Mattycollector Club 200X subscription opens up for orders today. Like its predecessors, Club Filmation and Club Etheria, Club 200X is a six-figure subscription with a club-only exclusive – a $182 commitment over the second half of 2015. You can subscribe to Club 200X at Mattycollector with either a monthly or quarterly shipping option, which was instituted this year for Club Eternia to help reduce shipping costs.

So, are you in for Club 200X?

In a first, Mattel revealed all six figures included in the sub (for the last two half-year subs they revealed only the first three figures.) They are:

  • Callix from the Horde – July
  • Evil Seed – August
  • King Chooblah (aka the Kulatak elder) – September
  • Ceratus (Whiplash’s older brother and leader of the Caligars) – October
  • Queen Grayskull (aka Veena) – November
  • Prahvus – December

The club exclusive this time around is an accessory pack called Heads of Eternia, featuring six 200X-styled alternate heads for figures released earlier in the line: Grizzlor, Buzz-Off, Sy-Klone, Roboto, Snout Spout, and Clawful. We didn’t see the head for Grizzlor at the Mattel collector briefing, leading us to think he was excluded, but the subscription page lists his head as part of the pack. The club exclusive is planned for August with Evil Seed.

I’ll probably take the better part of the month the pre-order will be available to decide whether I’m in. Despite enjoying the MOTU 200X cartoon, I wasn’t that familiar with the three characters they revealed post-Toy Fair, leaving Evil Seed and Ceratus as the main draws. And there’s something not sitting right with me about paying for those alternate heads – know what I mean?