Toy Fair 2015: Marvel Legends Update – Bucky Cap Defeats Iron Fist in Loser Leaves Town Match

Marvel Legends Bucky Cap vs. Iron Fist

In our Marvel Legends Report for Toy Fair 2015, we reported that Hasbro was working towards retiring the Bucky Cap base body – this surprised and disappointed us, since we consider it one of the better base bodies and think it deserves more run time. I bumped into Hagop later in the show, and he asked me if I was sure it was Bucky Cap – he had heard that it was the Iron Fist body that would be taking that long, lonely walk into the sunset. While I conceded that would make more sense – the body is older and has issues, particularly in the lower half – I was certain I had heard correctly.

But Hagop was sure he heard correctly too, so I wrote to Hasbro for clarification on who would win in a fight. Here’s what Dwight Stall had to say:

We are planning to retire the Iron Fist body as soon as possible.  It is outdated from where we are today and if possible we’d like to walk away from using it in the future.

So there you have it – if you’re fans of the Bucky Cap body, rejoice! If you’re fans of the Iron Fist body… well, you’d probably do better picking up Bullseye fodder on eBay.