Win a Toy Fair Exclusive One:12 Collective Batman in Mezco Instagram Giveaway

Mezco One 12 Collective Dark Knight Returns Batman Toy Fair exclusive Instagram giveaway

We love the Dark Knight Returns Batman, the first from Mezco’s One:12 Collective line of 6-inch mixed-media action figures. And now, Mezco is giving away one of the rarest of their Batman figures – an exclusive black and white version of the TDKR Bats that was a Toy Fair issue of just 100 figures. If you’re on Instagram, it’s easy to enter:

  1. Follow @mezcotoyz on Instagram.
  2. Like their Instagram photo for the contest (seen on the right side of the image above).
  3. Repost that photo with the hashtag #ONE12TFEX – if you can’t figure out how to get the photo out of Instagram (for example, by taking a screenshot of it in the Instagram app on your phone), you can download the photo here.

Mezco will pick a lucky winner on Monday, April 6. Good luck!

(By the way, while you’re on Instagram, please follow my AFP Instagram account too. Thanks!)

Toy Fair 2015: Marvel Legends Update – Bucky Cap Defeats Iron Fist in Loser Leaves Town Match

Marvel Legends Bucky Cap vs. Iron Fist

In our Marvel Legends Report for Toy Fair 2015, we reported that Hasbro was working towards retiring the Bucky Cap base body – this surprised and disappointed us, since we consider it one of the better base bodies and think it deserves more run time. I bumped into Hagop later in the show, and he asked me if I was sure it was Bucky Cap – he had heard that it was the Iron Fist body that would be taking that long, lonely walk into the sunset. While I conceded that would make more sense – the body is older and has issues, particularly in the lower half – I was certain I had heard correctly.

But Hagop was sure he heard correctly too, so I wrote to Hasbro for clarification on who would win in a fight. Here’s what Dwight Stall had to say:

We are planning to retire the Iron Fist body as soon as possible.  It is outdated from where we are today and if possible we’d like to walk away from using it in the future.

So there you have it – if you’re fans of the Bucky Cap body, rejoice! If you’re fans of the Iron Fist body… well, you’d probably do better picking up Bullseye fodder on eBay.

Toy Fair 2015: Square Enix Launches Play Arts Kai Marvel Variants Line

Toy Fair 2015 Square Enix Play Arts Kai Marvel Variants (1 of 7)

Square Enix has broadened their non-video game licenses to include the Marvel Universe, by virtue of their Play Arts Kai Variants line. Variants reimagine characters with hyper-stylized designs. With their DC, Square Enix used Variants to extend their DC lines beyond the movie and Arkham lines they already had in place. Marvel Variants, in contrast, allows Square Enix to skirt the edges of existing comic book or movie licenses that may belong to other licensees.

The Marvel Variants line begins with Spider-Man, Iron Man, and Thor, and Square Enix also teased an upcoming Venom in silhouette. With prices creeping up, the DC Variants are now in the $95 and up range from $60 – 70 a couple of years ago. If Marvel comes in at these prices, what’s your interest in the new line?

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Toy Fair 2015: Mattel Batman 1966 Line (including Batcave Playset Fly-By Video)

Toy Fair 2015 Mattel Batman 1966 (1 of 6)

Remember watching the Adam West Batman show and ending up with a cliffhanger – only to miss the following episode? That’s what it felt like waiting for news about Mattel’s Batman 1966 line. A nostalgic favorite for many, the line hit some snags with sell-through and its fate was uncertain.

At least until this past weekend, when Mattel announced the Batman 1966 line would be returning to retail. And in a fitting twist, much of it would be reruns. The 6-inch figure assortment is returning with no new additions to the line-up. The one new 6-incher, the Yvonne Craig Batgirl, shows up in a 3-pack with Batman and Robin. Speaking of the Dynamic Duo, they return with the Batmobile. And Adam West gets a headsculpt in a new deluxe playset entitled “To the Batcave, Batman!”

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Toy Fair 2015: Mezco One:12 Collective Judge Dredd Lawmaster Fly-By Video

Toy Fair 2015 Mezco (12 of 19)

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of what Mezco has done with its One:12 Collective line – and that’s having held just one production figure in hand. I’m psyched to get Judge Dredd when he becomes available later this year, but I’m even more pumped that Mezco is making an in-scale Lawmaster for him to ride down perps.

I went back to the Mezco booth yesterday to shoot a fly-by of the Lawmaster. Enjoy!

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