Toy Fair 2015: Star Wars Black Series Snubbed?

I may have been pre-conditioned by the Marvel presentation that preceded it, but when a Hasbro rep says “We know what you’re all waiting for,” I expect it to be followed with slides of 6-inch super-poseable action figures. But as entertaining as the discussion was, I was less enthused by the prospect of customizing my own lightsaber, since most of the configurations guarantee disemboweling oneself if one attempts to use them. After all, it probably looks pretty cool to have a 4-bladed lightsaber, but when 3 of them point at your own gut you might reconsider its practicality.

Suffice to say that with no mention at all of the Star Wars Black Series in either 4 or 6-inches, I’m wondering if we won’t see a little rest at retail before the inevitable onslaught of Episode 7 figures at the end of the year. Hasbro did have some Black Series on display in the showroom. I took pictures of the 6-inch figures. But they really didn’t talk about them much at all.

Nothing to see here. Move along… Move along….

2 thoughts on “Toy Fair 2015: Star Wars Black Series Snubbed?”

  1. I wonder if it is not they are having to hold back because the next batch they have are episode 7 figures, so can’t reveal them…

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