Mattel and the Four Horsemen Provide Post-SDCC Mattycollector Updates

Mattel and Four Horsemen post-SDCC updates

The folks at Mattycollector and the Four Horsemen have provided some post-SDCC updates. Mattel provided the words, and the 4H have posted a bunch of pics – we’ve combined them here.

For the tl;dr version, the three subs (Collector’s Choice, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe aka Filmation, and Thundercats Classics) will be offered at different times (now, October, and early 2016, respectively). Matty will work with Digital River on how to combine subs. Snake Mountain will be 10 – 20% smaller. And getting Power Con exclusives into non-attendees’ hands is’s problem.

Hi guys,

We haven’t been ignoring you, it’s more like everyone has been trying to get caught up and back into the regular groove now that Comic Con is over. I’ve seen a few reoccurring questions on the boards so rather than post to the individual threads I thought it would be best to list all the answers here.

Filmation Subscription

The enrollment period for this subscription will begin in October. This sub (like Collector’s Choice) will ship every other month starting in February 2016 and you will be able to receive your products bi-monthly or use the Triple Play option. You can expect lower prices for this line as well. 😀

Combining Subscriptions
We are actively working with the team at Digital River to try to make this happen. I’m fully aware of the costly shipping fees, and would like to make things easier for you if possible.

Slides From the Presentation
I will make most of the slides available, some need to be held back for legal purposes.

Power Con Exclusives
Honestly we saw this as a good opportunity to support the crew and Power Con, and help promote the Masters brand to a wider audience. While I know this does not make everyone happy, this is simply one of those times where we will have to “agree to disagree.”


They’re going to be awesome. Period.

The enrollment period for this particular subscription won’t be until early 2016, and the first figure (Lion-O) won’t ship until July 2016. The full lineup will be revealed and yes, you will be pleased. 😀 There will be a good mix of heroes, villains and allies…seriously I think you’re going to love it.

Snake Mountain
It is gorgeous and magnificent and full of awe and wonder….and going to be resized lol. Seriously, we had no idea it was going to be that huge and while we love everything about it (and we know you do too) we’re going to scale it down between 10-20%. We want you to be able to display this beautiful beast proudly in your homes without having to build a separate room or sell one (or two) of your organs on the black market, and scaling down is the most effective way to make this happen. Oh, and to those of you who were wondering about how the Blue Tooth feature figures into the cost: it was actually cheaper to do the Blue Tooth than the microphone, like a lot cheaper.

It was the word of the day at the Mattypalooza panel and it’s still very much alive and well in the office. However let me say this: though we are committed to keeping you guys updated and in the know about what’s going on with the line there are still some things we can’t (and won’t ) divulge due to legal and company policies. Will you know things such as the full lineup of characters in a subscription, cool things coming down the pipeline, or if product will be delayed? Yes. Will you have full access to the inner workings of Mattel and the labyrinth of policies behind making your product, or have answers the exact moment decisions are made? Probably not. Have patience with us; I know it doesn’t seem like it but we have your best interests at heart. 😀

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