Hot Toys Clash of the Titans Perseus Press Pics

I haven’t Clash of the Titans yet, and despite the promise of a 3D spectacle I may just wait for DVD. For folks wondering if Hot Toys has recycled their Sam Worthington headsculpt from Terminator: Salvation, rest assured it’s a completely new sculpt.

Clash of the Titans: Perseus – Newly Sculpted Head

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I’m wondering how much of his base body is shared with the Hot Toys Leonidas from 300. Lots more pics here:

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Hot Toys Clash of the Titans Perseus Teaser Pic

Hot Toys has made a Marcus Wright figure from Terminator: Salvation, and now they’ve published a teaser image of Perseus from Clash of the Titans. When will they complete the Sam Worthington trifecta with Jake Sully from Avatar?

The clash begins now!

Can’t wait to preview the collectible figure of the main character Perseus starred by leading actor Sam Worthington? Teaser is available now! Stay tuned with us for update!

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NECA Clash of the Titans Action Figures and Props Press Pics

Is it me, or is Sam Worthington becoming synonymous with big budget CGI action flicks? The 2-up of the Perseus figure looked awesome at NECA’s showroom at Toy Fair.

The Gods Must Be Crazy

New Clash of the Titans figures and props available this month!

The new Warner Bros. remake of Clash of the Titans isn’t out for another month, but NECA’s got you prepped ahead of time with all-new figures and props from the movie!

Whether he likes it or not, Perseus is headed to the underworld to fight Hades, and, sure, he’s bringing some friends along for the ride, but we all know who the pressure’s on. After all, being a son of Zeus comes with some expectations, right? Well, when it comes to saving Earth from being overrun by demons and other terrible types, at least we know we’re in good hands.

NECA’s first line of Clash of the Titans action figures features two versions of Perseus, as he’s portrayed in the film by actor Sam Worthington (Avatar, Terminator: Salvation); one clean and one who’s kicked up some dirt from all that fighting. Both figures stand 7″ tall and come with a sword, shield and battle-hardened attitude.

Next up are the resin statues of the gods. Available in a set of six, the statues capture the movie likenesses perfectly and are 7″ tall. These will be in stores later this month and make for an extremely unique collector’s item for fans of the film or of Greek mythology in general.

Last but not at all least are the massive prop replicas from the film. Real metal weapons that look as true-to-life as you’re going to get. Perseus’ sword is 27″ long and gorgeously crafted. His sword from the gods is even bigger, measuring 34″ long and featuring a unique handle and detail that Clash of the Titans fans will go nuts for. There’s also the highly detailed 9 1/2″ throwing knife used by Draco in the film and the 10 1/2″ baton of the gods (for those in a less stabby mood), which excellently match the movie’s intricate designs.

NECA’s Clash of the Titans merchandise will be available this month in stores and at our Amazon storefront.

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Toy Fair 2010 – NECA HeroClix, Player Select, and Movie Figures Pics

While I didn’t speak to anyone at the NECA booth (everyone looked very busy), I did take some pictures of their action figures in HeroClix, Player Select video games, and movie license categories, excluding Harry Potter and Twilight.  Sorry, fans of those two franchises – I couldn’t bring myself to do it. 😀

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