One of a Kind Gothitropolis Ravens Done MOTU Style for Power-Con Auction

The Four Horsemen hinted earlier at something special for auction at this weekend’s Power-Con, and revealed it on their Kickstarter page for the Gothitropolis Ravens. Masters of the Universe Classics fans – these are for you!

Gothitropolis Zoar Screech and Glory 1 Gothitropolis Zoar Screech and Glory 2 Gothitropolis Zoar Screech and Glory 3

Zoar, Screech and Glory Bird done Gothitropolis style up for auction at Power Con this weekend!! Interested in satellite bidding? Contact us.

via Gothitropolis Raven Action Figure by Four Horsemen Studios by FOUR HORSEMEN STUDIOS » POWER CON AUCTION!! — Kickstarter.

Four Horsemen Power Lords to Debut at Power-Con with Two Exclusives

The Four Horsemen have sold some test shots of their retro reboot line of Power Lords, but the first actual production figures will debut this weekend at Power-Con. There’ll be two Power Lords to pick up – regular and elite versions of the Power Soldiers.

The Glyos compatibility will add to the playability of this line – I’m sure folks with other Glyos figures will enjoy adding parts with human features and proportions.

Not going to Power-Con? Don’t fret – you’ll be able to pick these up at the Store Horsemen this upcoming Monday, the day after Power-Con has concluded.



Power Lords - Power Soldier Pwer Lords - Elite Power Soldier

“Here are a couple shots of the Power Soldiers we’ll be selling at Power Con during the show and on Store Horsemen the Monday after the show. Each fully articulated and Glyos compatible figure will be 4″ scale, will come in numbered poly-bags, will come with both the staff and rifle, and will be $10.00 each with no limits on amounts purchased.”

For more information on Power-Con which will be happening September 14 – 15, 2013 at Torrance Marriott South Bay on 3635 Fashion Way, Torrance, California 90503 follow this link:


Spy Monkey Creations Announces Weaponeers of Monkaa Eternal Barbarian Power-Con Exclusive

Spy Monkey Creations had a bit of fun revealing their Weaponeers of Monkaa exclusive for Power-Con this upcoming weekend. In addition to a teaser shot and Masters of the Universe inspired cardback, they joked that a Mickey (from Rocky) / He-Man mashup was their replacement when the planned exclusive was lost in shipping.

Part of me wishes that He-Burgess was really available.

The Eternal Barbarian

Ok, we’ve had our bit of fun….

Here’s the real deal!

Behold! The Power-Con 2013 Weaponeers of Monkaa Exclusive Figure! The Eternal Barbarian!

These will be offered exclusively at Power-Con next Saturday and Sunday, September 14th & 15th in Torrance, CA at the Torrance Marriott. Includes a Deluxe painted Weaponeers of Monkaa action figure, a full assortment of extra heads in extra special paint ops, a matching Close Combat Armory, and a 4″x6″ mock card back. All for just $15!

As always, IF there is any left over stock they will be offered in our store during the next official drop. Keep in mind this is going to be an MOTU specific convention, teeming with MOTU specific fans. SO the best way to guarantee getting your hands on one, especially if you’re local, is to attend Power-Con! Click the link to purchase advanced tickets!!

By The Might of Monkaa!!!

Photos by Matt Stein

The Eternal Barbarian.

Joe Amaro’s Power-Con Masters of the Universe Classics Custom Robobot and Ram Man

Joe Amaro has posted some great shots of a couple of the customs he revealed at Power-Con – Robobot, the Ralph McQuarrie designed character that was originally intended to replace Orko in the Masters of the Universe movie, and Ram Man, which is Joe’s second custom of him. For Robobot, Joe created a 3D model and then printed it out and painted it, while for Ram Man, he started with a Marvel Select Avengers Hulk and did a more traditional custom, using Magic Sculpt.

There’s lots of great shots of both figures, both in finished and WIP format, so be sure to click through!

via Joe Amaro: Power Con customs.

Axel Giménez Artwork for Power-Con

I’m a big fan of Axel Giménez‘s art. He recently posted on the AFP Facebook wall so I thought I’d share it with the rest of you. This is some of the artwork that Axel did for Power-Con.

Be sure to check out My Art – Masters of the Universe and Others – there’s a ton of Axel’s awesome illustrations.

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