Power-Con 2013 Pics by ActionFiguresRule


Once again, I wasn’t able to go to Power-Con, which was held a couple weekends ago. Luckily for me, our buddy Richard, aka ActionFiguresRule, from the MATRIX Photo Booth and AFR Studio sent us over a hundred pics he snapped at the event.

There’s cosplay, internet and media personalities, Masters of the Universe Classics, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and the Four Horsemen properties – Gothitropolis Ravens, Power Lords, and Outer Space Men. Richard even captured portions of the Power-Con auction and cosplay contest. Fun stuff!

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Sunday Soapbox: Help Me! – I’m Thinking About Second-Chance Subbing to Club Eternia

Club Eternia Second Chance Subs

By the time August 19th had rolled around, I had already decided. No Club Eternia and no Club Ecto-1 – it was just the DC Club Infinite Earths for me. Now it’s a month later, the DC subscription is dead, and I am seriously mulling over taking the second chance to subscribe to Club Eternia, since Mattel has re-opened the Club Eternia sub through September 24.

So what’s changed?

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Miss Out on the Power Lords Exclusives from Power-Con? The Four Horsemen Have You Covered

Power Lords - Power Soldier Pwer Lords - Elite Power Soldier

It’s moves like this that make the Four Horsemen fan favorites among toy collectors – after a crazy four minute sell-out of the Power-Con Power Lords exclusive Power Solder and Elite Power Soldiers (that’s a lot of “power” in one sentence), they’ve announced that they’re going back to manufacturing to make more. And to make sure no one’s left out, they’ll have a pre-order window that will stay open, and they’ll make however many more needed to meet the demand.

But after this, the Power Soldiers won’t die, but they’ll fade away, forever. Don’t miss this second chance – order between September 19th at 3PM EST (that’s tomorrow!) and September 22nd at 3PM EST at http://www.StoreHorsemen.com.

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Power-Con 2013: Mattel’s Official Masters of the Universe Classics Update

Castle_PowerConReveals01 PowerConReveals_09

Mattel posted their reveals for Masters of the Universe Classics. One update from our earlier post – while Club Eternia is indeed opening up for more subscribers, it’s only for a few days (not months, as we saw reported elsewhere). Club Eternia will be available again between 9/20 and 9/24.

They provided some nice shots of Castle Grayskull, Blade, Scorpia, and Battle Lion. For the mystery accessory, which we know to be Extendar’s shield, it was the same question mark image that they used for the Unnamed One. More on Extendar will be shared at New York Comic Con in a few weeks.

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Power-Con 2013: Mattel’s Masters of the Universe Classics Reveals

Mattel Masters of the Universe Classics Power-Con Reveals

One of these days I will make it Power-Con, but in the meantime, I’m scouring the web for info for the latest from Mattel’s Masters of the Universe Classics line. Here’s what I’ve seen that Mattel has revealed:

  • Blade (Masters of the Universe film) – Club Eternia, April 2014
  • Scorpia (She-Ra: Princess of Power) – Club Eternia, May 2014
  • Battle Lion (Masters of the Universe MYP cartoon – Club Eternia, May 2014 – $38 for subscribers, $42 day of sales
  • Extendar (Masters of the Universe) – shield teaser, more details to come

Other points of interest: the Club Eternia subscription will re-open in a few days. I’ve seen info that says it will remain open through February of 2014, but I’ll wait for Mattel to confirm that. Mattel also hinted at a new accessory pack, this time containing alternate 200X heads, and asked fans to let them know which characters were most wanted. Apparently, they are thinking of a pack of six heads, of which Clawful is most likely a lock already.

Picture source: ActionFigureInsider.com – check out their Mattel gallery for a lot more pics, including the Castle Grayskull packaging and latest features.

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