STGCC 2013: Hot Toys Booth Pics

Here’s photos from Hot Toys of their booth with Action City at STGCC. And would you look at that – that Bruce Banner is actually a prototype of an upcoming Hot Toys release, so your very own shawarma scene could be in your future.

Hot Toys & Action City at STGCC 2013

STGCC has officially begun today and visitors were thrilled to take pictures with the life-size Midas and Hall of Armor Statues powered by Hot Toys!Fans were queuing up for the highly anticipated Hot Toys 1/6th scale Midas (Mark XXI), Silver Centurion (Mark XXXIII), Tony Stark (The Mechanic), and Eric Draven Collectible Figures.

New owners of the Midas Collectible Figure are excited when they received the special Mark XXI gift pack!

In addition to getting their hands on new Hot Toys products, Hot Toys’ booth is attracting lots of visitors too! One of the most popular showcases is the “Avengers Assembled at Shawarma” where the latest Hot Toys prototype – Bruce Banner is fully revealed and shown for the first time ever at an exhibition by joining the rest of The Avenger’s team in the diorama. Stay tuned on our Facebook Page for information on this highly-anticipated character!

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STGCC 2013: Play Imaginative Booth Pics

Because we can’t get enough of the Iron Babes, here’s another pic of them from Play Imaginative’s own booth pics. We’ve also swiped a few pics of toys, too. 🙂

Play Imaginative blasts into STGCC 2013!

STGCC fans were treated to a full preview of Play Imaginative’s upcoming Super Alloy Iron Man Collectible Figures!

STGCC 2013 Play Imaginative Iron babes

Over 100 display prototypes (in 1/4 and 1/12 scale) from Marvel’s Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Iron Man 3 and The Avengers movies, unveiled at the Super Alloy by Play Imaginative booth H3.

Fans also got autographs from acclaimed comic artist Adi Granov, who has worked on illustrations in the Iron Man comics and movies. Flying in all the way from UK, this visit is a treat!

A highlight was the life-sized Iron Man Mark 42 figure sitting on a couch, and fans queued non-stop to chill with him!

Prototypes of 5 upcoming Super Alloy 1/6 Scale Collectible Figures from DC Comics’ The New 52 Justice League were also revealed. Fans got an up-close look at prototypes of The New 52 Superman, Green Lantern, Batman, The Flash and Cyborg, each standing at 12 inches (approx. 30 cm) tall.

Over at the Play Imaginative booth, a crazy wide range of newly arrived vinyl collectible figures released, from licenses such as Disney, DC Comics, SpongeBob SquarePants, Paul Frank, Happy Tree Friends, and TO-FU Oyako.
And The Devilrobots flew in from Japan to meet with fans!

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STGCC 2013: Check Out Jedd’s Mega Picture Posts at The Movie and Me

I want to thank Jedd again for the pics and info he sent us from the Singapore Toy, Game, and Comic Convention this past weekend. We’ve still got one more post from him coming up later this week – his conversation with toy designer Nathan Hamill, who coincidentally is one of Mark Hamill’s kids.

In the meantime, check out Jedd’s Mega Picture Posts on his own site, The Movie and Me, for a great view of STGCC.

STGCC 2013 Day 1: Mega Picture Post

STGCC 2013 - Jedd and the Iron Babes

Hey everyone, here’s part 1 of my requisite mega picture post for the Singapore Toy Games and Comics Convention. This year, the event was sponsored by Marvel and they pulled out all the stops, including a life-sized Hall of Armour. I’m very much a DC person myself, but what can you do? And hey, Iron Man’s cool no matter how you slice it.

via The Movie and Me – Movie Reviews and more: STGCC 2013 Day 1: Mega Picture Post.

STGCC 2013: Hot Toys Marvel, DC, Terminator, and G.I. JOE

STGCC 2013 Hot Toys 01

Our good friend Jedd is at the Singapore Toy, Game, and Comic Convention, and has sent us in this update from the Hot Toys booth. He writes:

Here are some photos of this year’s Marvel-heavy Hot Toys display, including three dioramas: one of the Avengers eating their shawarma, one of Odin banishing Thor to Earth as Loki looks on, and Tony Stark in his workshop, putting together the latest “mark” of his suit of armour. There was also a display employing the use of holographic projection technology.

With that one of a kind Bruce Banner, it’ll be tough to recreate that shawarma scene – unless Hot Toys has plans for the puny human. Jedd also sent in pics of the Hot Toys DC, Terminator, and G.I. JOE figures.

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STGCC 2013: Play Imaginative Super Alloy DC New 52 Justice League

STGCC 2013 Play Imaginative DC New 52 Justice League 1 STGCC 2013 Play Imaginative DC New 52 Justice League 2 STGCC 2013 Play Imaginative DC New 52 Justice League 3 STGCC 2013 Play Imaginative DC New 52 Justice League 4 STGCC 2013 Play Imaginative DC New 52 Justice League 5

While Jedd was at the Play Imaginative booth at STGCC, he also sent us pics of their Super Alloy DC New 52 Justice League 1/6 scale figures. I am pretty excited for this line, because there really hasn’t been much in the 1/6 scale for comic book figures on the DC side of things. Back when DC Direct (now DC Collectibles) had their 13-inch line going, I wasn’t that interested in the scale – but even in hindsight those were probably on the large side and not as exciting as these super-poseable figures.

The new addition for this show is the New 52 Batman – you could argue that the Jim Lee version is also New 52, but I guess Play Imaginative is taking a page out of the Hot Toys playbook in terms of re-releasing characters with updates. The new body is probably an improvement over the original in terms of articulation scheme, but I’m thinking the head is a little on the dull side. Batman joins Superman, Green Lantern, Cyborg, and Flash (not pictured) in the current Justice League line-up.