San Diego Comic-Con Mattel Presentations

Mattel has updated its Facebook page with its San Diego Comic-Con presentations – DC Power Partnership Panel – SDCC 09 and Mattypalooza Fan Panel – SDCC 2009.  I’ve included some excerpts for DC Universe Classics, Masters of the Universe Classics, and Ghostbusters.  The panels were great – folks were pretty excited about all the reveals.

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San Diego Comic-Con Mattel DC Universe Classics and Superman / Batman: Public Enemies Pics

Mattel held their DC Universe Toys panel today, and aside from a few gripes about distribution woes, it was a veritable lovefest.  Of course, they took questions and answers *after* showing the crowd a bunch of new figures.  In this update I’ll cover the 6-inch scale, including DC Universe Classics and Superman / Batman: Public Enemies.

DC Universe Classics

Wave 10 – Batman (Morrison), Beast Boy, Forager, Joker, Man-Bat (brown), Power Girl, Robotman, and Imperiex Collect & Connect

Mattel had teased the Joker at New York Comic-Con and revealed Power Girl on, and some groaned as they learned this wave will be exclusive to Wal-Mart.  Mattel assures us that these will be easier to find, as Wal-Mart has increased their order size.

DCUC10 - Batman and Man-Bat (767x1024).jpgDCUC10 - Batman and Man-Bat 2 (768x1024).jpgDCUC10 - Beast Boy (773x1024).jpgDCUC10 - Forager (769x1024).jpgDCUC10 - Imperiex (C&C) (769x1024).jpgDCUC10 - Joker (771x1024).jpgDCUC10 - Joker 2 (766x1024).jpgDCUC10 - Joker 2-up (768x1024).jpgDCUC10 - Joker closeup (771x1024).jpgDCUC10 - Power Girl (768x1024).jpgDCUC10 - Power Girl 2-up (769x1024).jpgDCUC10 - Power Girl closeup (767x1024).jpgDCUC10 - Robot Man (770x1024).jpg

Beast Boy’s accessory is a reuse of the eagle from the Wonder Twins 2-pack.  Batman is based on Grant Morrison’s run on Justice League of America.  Forager is from the New Gods, and adds another essential piece to my nearly complete Cosmic Odyssey collection (WHOOOO!).  Man-Bat is a repaint of the white Comic-Con exclusive a couple years back.  Robotman starts the Doom Patrol.  And, honestly, I don’t know anything about Imperiex.

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