AFP Ask Matty Round-Up for 9/15/10

Hey folks – a new installment of Ask Matty is here – thanks to the folks at Mattel!

And, how’d you all do with your orders today?

1) At AFP we’ve picked up all of the Toys R Us exclusive DC Universe Classics All-Star repaints. Who is the final one this year – is it the Joker, or Nightwing, or are both coming eventually? Will All-Star repaints continue into next year, and what are the chances of a Super Powers-colored Wonder Woman and a lighter blue colored Superman (both seen on eBay)?

TRU DCUC AS BATMAN 001.jpgTRU DCUC AS BATMAN 007.jpgTRU-Green Lantern 001.jpgTRU-Green Lantern 009.jpgDCUC TRU Excl Flash 001.jpgDCUC TRU Excl Flash 008.jpg

Joker and a new Nightwing are in the wings to head out next, and the repaints will continue into 2011 at about one per quarter. Just which ones remains to be seen!

Check out our looks at Batman (Ron | Buzzy) and Green Lantern (Buzzy | Sandman) and come back for Buzzy’s review of the DC Universe Classics All-Star Flash tomorrow morning!

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DC Universe Classics 2-Packs Available at

AFP reader Paul pointed out that some of the older, harder-to-find DC Universe Classics 2-packs are available at Thanks, Paul!

All are currently in stock at $29.99. Happy shopping!

Results: Green Lantern Classics Top Ten Poll

I deputized Hagop for this write-up of the Green Lantern Classics Top Ten results. But I made him give me back the Brown Lantern ring when he was done. Thank you, Hagop!

And thank you to all of you voters – we had over six thousand total votes, making this the most popular Top Ten to date.

The world of Green Lantern has probably never been more popular than it is today. That world has also expanded greatly over the last few years, with story arcs like the Sinestro Corps War and Blackest Night. If there was any doubt about that, just take a look at our Top Ten; just over half of the winners aren’t even Green Lanterns at all! Whoda thunkit?

Without further ado, let’s get to the winners.

We start of with a tie. It was a heated campaign that went all the way down to the wire, with positions switching back and forth even in the final hours of voting. Stel and Brother Warth were right in it until the end. But when the poll closed, Soranik and Saint Walker each had 168 votes to share the #10 spot.

10. Soranik Natu 168 votes

She may be Kyle Rayner’s love interest and Sinestro’s daughter, but make no mistake – this woman stands on her own. Soranik is tough, smart (a neurosurgeon, for crissakes!) and a Corpsmen as capable as they come.

I think her chances of getting a figure are pretty high, considering she’s become one of the primary GLs in recent times, and her costume would need almost zero new tooling.

10. Saint Walker 168 votes

“Please tell your Master Sifo-Dyas that we have every confidence his order will be met on time and-” Er—wait. No. I mean, “All shall be well.” Yeah, that’s it.

Walker: Odym Ranger is visually dynamic and was a key player in Blackest Night. If you can only have one Blue Lantern, you probably want him. I’ll be truly surprised if he doesn’t appear in the second wave of GL Classics.

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Hot Toys Announces Superman (Christopher Reeve) Movie License

Wow – I am really interested to see what this new license will produce. Will we get a Gene Hackman Luthor? General Zod? The prospect of a Christopher Reeve Superman from Hot Toys is very exciting.

Our dear fans, this Winter Hot Toys will be bringing you surprise from the highly anticipated SUPERMAN (1978) movie license! Long-awaited by fans from all over the world, we’ll launch the first-of-his kind 1/6th scale collectible figure of this American superhero acted by notable artist Christopher Reeve!

Announcing this together is another great news, also much expected by our fans! We now proudly announce our new Korean extraordinary artist Mr Arnie Kim to join the Hot Toys family! Taking the lead is the long-awaiting SUPERMAN project! We hope this unprecedented project and collaboration will bring to fans great excitement and anticipation! More exciting projects with outstanding characters will be coming soon! So please stay tuned with us for update!

via Facebook | Hot Toys’s Photos – Wall Photos.