ThreeA Toys TF2 Mann vs Machine Robot Heavies Up for Pre-Order September 26

3A Toys Team Fortress 2 Mann vs Machine Robot Heavies

If you’re a fan of Valve’s Team Fortress 2 Mann vs. Machine, then you’ll dig the next figure going up for pre-order from 3A Toys. They’ve got the Robot Heavy on the way, in both red and blue. The pre-order window opens in just over a week, on September 26 at 9PM EST.

Ashley Wood about VALVe Team Fortress 2 – Mann vs. Machine Robot Heavy (pre-order starts on September 27th 9:00AM Hong Kong time):

“Oh yea, let me add thee are not some limp wristed statue, these are authentically articulated and have light up eyes, spooky indeed ! Each costs 220 bucks shipped to your frontline, and the Bambaland version comes with Boxing gloves to boot…I know!!!!, gave you a few moments to take that in.”

via 3aVOX.

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SDCC 2013: NECA – Marvel, DC, Video Games, Movies and TV


With its expansion into quarter scale figures, NECA has been able to add Marvel and DC movies (even the Batman classic TV series spawned a movie) to its impressive array of licensed action figures. They continue to own classic movies from my youth in the 7-inch scale, expanding its Alien, Predator, Robocop, Gremlins, and more. With the Lone Ranger, Kick-Ass, and Pacific Rim, they’re getting their piece of modern hits too.

On the video game front, they seem focused on Valve games. It’s interesting that they’re Valve split the figure license between NECA and 3A Toys – NECA has 7-inch scale and 3A has 12-inch. The Portal 2 robots are an example of figures that will be available in both scales. With Team Fortress 2, NECA has a broader assortment.

Fans of Playmates’ World of Springfield figures get a new assortment of Simpsons, as NECA has partnered with Fox on a line of 25 of the most iconic guest stars to celebrate 25 seasons of the long-running series. [/Ron]

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Gaming Heads Announces Valve License – Team Fortress 2 Collectibles Available for Pre-Order

I’ve been waiting for a while for someone to pick up the Valve license. You may not know who Valve is, but they’ve got some of the most popular games out there, including Team Fortress 2 and Left 4 Dead 2.

The first items are available for pre-order – the Heavy from TF2. There’s four versions of the 12-inch statue. Red and Blu, each with a regular and exclusive version that includes an alternate head. At $229.99 for a regular and $244.99 for the exclusive, these might be a little out of my price range no matter how much I love the Valve games.

Gaming Heads is very proud to have signed a license with Valve to produce a range of different collectible lines from Valve’s portfolio of franchises, including Half-Life, Portal, Team Fortress 2 and Left 4 Dead 2.

The Valve collection line up will include:

  • 18 inch statues from Half Life 2
  • 12 inch statues from Team Fortress 2
  • 12 inch statues from Left 4 Dead 2
  • Life size props

Gaming Heads will use original game files to ensure an accurate and artistic representation of each collectible.

via Gaming Heads.