WonderCon 2011 – Mattel Masters of the Universe Classics

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As part of its Collectors Appreciation Tour, Mattel was on site at WonderCon this weekend, in a relatively jam-packed booth, considering how much was on display. There was a lot of traffic to see the new reveals for Masters of the Universe Classics – in September, the Evil Horde gets some new blood with Leech and Hurricane Hordak.

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DC Universe Classics Collect & Connect Swap at WonderCon

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For the first time, Mattel is hosting a swap meet for DC Universe Classics Collect & Connect pieces at WonderCon this weekend. From the MattyCollector.com Facebook page:

At WonderCon we will be premiering the 1st ever Collect-and-Connect Swap! If you are seeking a CNC piece, you can look through the bucket of CNC pieces to find your treasure. The rule is one in, one out, so bring CNC pieces you want to trade! See you, and your CNC pieces, at WonderCon!

I’ve got to wonder (no pun intended) if all those Gentleman Ghost hoarders will be dumping their Giganta heads and lower torsos. 🙂

>> Some Giganta reviews, for those of you who never completed her: AFP, Articulated Discussion, and Poe Ghostal (credit to these fine sites for the pics above)

Will you be at WonderCon with your spare C&C pieces? If so, the Four Horsemen’s Jim Preziosi will also be participating in Mattel’s “Methods & Materials: Sculpting with Mattel & the Four Horsemen” panel on Saturday from 3 – 4pm in room #104.

Hope to see you there!

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