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Win one of these Gleeks!  Just the bagged ones - that one in front is staying right here.
Win one of these Gleeks! Just the bagged ones - that one in front is staying right here.

A lot of AFP’s readers come from – if you’re one of them, then you probably know about a little Gleek giveaway they were running right after San Diego Comic-Con.  Well, Fwoosh’s Gleek Week may be over, but that doesn’t mean you’re stuck with Ebay or trading a kidney to get a SDCC exclusive DC Universe Classics Gleek.  We’ve got a few here to give away too – when VeeBee wasn’t looking, I ran off with three of Fwoosh’s Gleeks.  True story.

To get your chance to win a Gleek, all you need to do is subscribe to one or more of the following from

  • E-mail Newsletter – Subscribe to our newsletter and you’ll get email (maximum of one per day) when we update the site with new action figure pics.  Plus you’ll be entered in our “Free Stuff” drawings.  And we will never, ever, sell your e-mail address or send you spam.  Note: only verified e-mails will be eligible, so look for the first email from us and use the enclosed link to verify your address.
  • Facebook Page – Become a fan and you’ll see links to AFP articles on your Facebook wall when we update the site.
  • Twitter – Follow ActionFigPics on Twitter, and you’ll get tweets with links to AFP articles when we update the site.

All of these services are totally free!

A week from today, on Saturday, August 8, I’ll select one winner at random from subscribers to each of the services – one for the e-mail newsletter, one for Facebook, and one for Twitter.  And don’t worry – if you’re already signed up, then you’ll be included in the drawing.

So, I’ll look forward to seeing more of you on e-mail, Facebook, and Twitter, and hope that I’ll get the chance to send a Gleek your way!  Good luck!

The Fine Print

  • The entry period will end at 11:59 pm PST on Saturday, August 8.  You may continue to sign up for any of the services after that point, but you won’t be included in the Gleek drawing.
  • Selected winners within the U.S. (United States) will be responsible for a $6.00 shipping and handling charge payable through PayPal. We cannot accept check, Money Orders or any alternate form of payment.  International members will be responsible for the actual cost of shipping and handling (via PayPal), to be determined by location. The charge is for S&H only, not for Gleek.  He is a free gift figure.
  • The selected winners will be contacted via the respective outlet (e-mail, Facebook, or Twitter) and will have 24 hours to respond with their shipping information as well as their Paypal address (so we know who has paid). If you do not respond within 24 hours, you will be disqualified and we will choose another winner.
  • Winners will have until Friday, August 14, to pay shipping and handling charges. If you do not pay by that date, we will draw another name.
  • You may subscribe to all three services for three chances to win, but are limited to winning one Gleek.  Also, if you already have a Gleek, please let me know so others will have a chance to win one. Please don’t sign up for a bunch of fake e-mail addresses, because this is for fun, not for profit.
  • Staff members at and employees of Mattel are not eligible for this contest (sorry guys!)
  • By accepting the prize, the winner agrees to hold and Mattel, Inc. and their respective directors, officers, employees and assigns harmless against any and all claims and liability arising out of the use or redemption of the prizes.

8 thoughts on “Subscribe to AFP and Get a Chance to Win Gleek”

  1. wow! great contest!
    just wondering, I’m not from the U.S. but my parents are in California, am I still eligible to win?

  2. yes – if you win, I can ship to your parents to save you some of the shipping and handling. it’s $6 for the US, and for international, it’s whatever the actual cost turns out to be.

    thanks for your interest!

  3. Wow, I want one. I didn’t get mine at the mattel booth, and that’s the only reason I got the set for.

  4. Having just ordered a Wonder Twins pack from Matty, all I’m missing is Gleek! Signed up to your Facebook Page. Extra props on making this available to international fans.

  5. I just know about this contest, i bought the wonder twin box set, but a i need that friggin monkey; but i have a couple of question… if im from spain and new on the website, im still elegible?
    Thanks for the answer

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